Alabama Football: Shattered BCS Trophy Auctioned Off for $105,000

Barrett SalleeSEC Football Lead WriterMay 20, 2013

As the old saying goes, "Football is a religion in the SEC."

While that may not be entirely accurate, SEC fans routinely make Internet waves with creative tattoos, wedding cakes and even music videos—most of which fail miserably (looking at you, Missouri)—that demonstrate their obsession with the sport.

But Alabama fans have taken it to the next level.

According to Cecil Hurt of the Tuscaloosa (Ala.) News, the broken coaches' trophy Alabama won in January 2012 signifying the 2011 national championship netted quite the haul at the Alabama Celebrity Golf Tournament on Sunday.

Alabama auctions off the broken 2011 BCS Champonship Trophy at its UA Celebrity Golf Tournament on Sunday. It brought a reported $105,000.

— Cecil Hurt (@CecilHurt) May 20, 2013

Think about that for a second. That's $105,000 for broken pieces of crystal. What on Earth can you do with broken pieces of crystal?

Practice walking on it in an effort to become a street performer? Toughen up your grip by squeezing it? Please don't say "glue it back together."

Oh, wait. Scratch that. Please do glue it back together. The Internet needs pictures.

If you recall, the trophy was shattered in April 2012 by the father of former Crimson Tide long snapper Carson Tinker. According to, the eight-pound Waterford crystal football was valued at around $30,000 before it was shattered—$75,000 less than it was auctioned off for on Sunday.

In good fun, Adam Kramer at B/R's Your Best 11 wrote an ode to the trophy when it met its demise last season.

Fans take pride in a variety of different things, and that's what makes college football great. But now that's it's brought in $105,000, the shattered coaches' trophy's future is more intriguing than its past.