Cassius' Corner: Buckeye Verbal Commitment for 2010

Buckeye CommentarySenior Analyst IApril 28, 2009

Greetings readers! For those of you who don’t know who I am (which I assume is most of you) my name is Mike Dever. However, I prefer to use the alias Cassius as it has gained some familiarity around the blogosphere and helps me to distance myself from the hate mail. I’m a sophomore at The Ohio State University.

I feel I can help bring a “pulse of the fan” attitude to Buckeye Commentary as well as addressing recruiting on a regular basis. So, without further ado I’ll begin by taking a look at the first Buckeye (verbal) commitment for the class of 2010, J.T. Moore.

Who he is

Moore hails from good ol’ Youngstown where he will finish up his playing career next year for the Boardman High Spartans. A 6’3” 230 pound weakside defensive end, J.T. has garnered four stars from Rivals and a 78/100 ranking from the four-letter network.


What he does well

This past year Moore turned in a total of 79 tackles, including 8 TFL, but only 5 sacks. Where he makes his living is not in the backfield though, Moore is seen more as a run stopping DE and displays the speed necessary to cover an area, making him someone who is tough to run through or around.

Maybe more importantly Moore is a kid who has a motor that just won’t quit, attacking pulling guards and displaying toughness at the point of attack, two things you like to see from a D-lineman.

What he needs to work on

Consistency, consistency, consistency.

It’s recognized that Moore has the skills necessary to be a solid college lineman, but he needs to display those skills more consistently.

Moore also needs to work on his hands (he prefers to use his shoulders), using them better and more frequently to shed blockers or disrupt the backfield.

He could also probably stand to gain a little weight, although he is described as being “thick” for his 230 lb. frame, but that will come with time in the weight room and maybe a couple of extra snacks in the afternoon.

Where he’ll fit

J.T. is probably not a candidate to move another position besides the D-Line, while his frame may say otherwise, his speed (4.75 forty) and his pass-rush vs. run-stop ability will probably relegate him to sticking to the line and stuffing the run. But hey, every team needs a run stopper.