Best Fits for the Top 10 Uncommitted WR Recruits in Class of 2014

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IMay 12, 2013

Best Fits for the Top 10 Uncommitted WR Recruits in Class of 2014

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    The wide receiver position has become more important in today's game, as teams are utilizing more three and four and sometimes even five receiver sets. So college coaches are looking harder for more difference-makers at the WR position, which is why the top 10 uncommitted prospects at this spot are so coveted.

    This list includes perimeter players who can stretch the field with their speed, dangerous players who do their best damage after the catch and also several guys who can work in the slot. This isn't just a list about who the top 10 uncommitted recruits are, but rather where they fit best.

    There will be some surprising fits on this list, as some of these receivers fit better at schools who may not be major suitors for them right now.

    Player evaluations are based on my review of tape at Scout.comRivals247Sports ESPNU.

Josh Malone

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    From Tennessee, Malone may not have the top-end speed of a Justin Hunter, but he does show Cordarrelle Patterson's RAC skills.

    This is not a hard pick, as Malone is from Tennessee, the Vols need to bolster the WR depth chart and Butch Jones will run a version of the spread offense. Malone fits best in Knoxville and should join Todd Kelly Jr. and Jalen Hurd as stud prospects from inside the state who sign up to bring Rocky Top back.

Artavis Scott

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    Scott is from Florida and is a quicker-than-fast athlete who projects to be a slot guy in college. He's 5'10", 175 pounds and has good lateral quickness.

    Scott can play on the perimeter, but works best when paired up with a bigger WR who can mask some of Scott's defencies. A bigger WR like a 6'4", 180-pounder who's committed to Michigan maybe? We'll see.

    Yet, Scott's quickness make him a good fit just about anywhere.

Trevion Thompson

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    Thompson is from North Carolina and is basically a slightly more explosive version of Jordan Cunningham. He runs good routes, knows how to set up cornerbacks and gets good separation out of his breaks.

    Thompson has great hands and can snatch a hard throw in flight due his big mitts. He's a 6'2", 181-pound WR who would be a good No. 2 WR on a solid football team.

    Clemson would be a solid option for Thompson, but the ability to team up with another 6'2" WR in Ricky Rogers at WVU is an intriguing thought. 

Trey Quinn

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    Quinn's separation quickness compares to any elite WR prospect in this year's class. He's from Louisiana and stands 6'1", 200 pounds.

    He has good speed to get deep, yet it's what Quinn does during his routes that is most impressive. He doesn't have to chop his steps much or decelerate to cut and this allows him to skate away from defenders trying to cover him, thus getting him wide open.

    Playing in Oklahoma State's offense would produce great numbers and Brian Kelly would work wonders with him in South Bend. LSU is the prediction, but the Cowboys and Irish would be good fits.

Michiah Quick

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    Some schools likely see Quick as a potential multi-year starting CB, but WR is where his heart may be. He's a 6'0", 170-pound playmaker who has good speed and ball skills.

    Quick is at his best when he can quickly get the football so he can create plays. He has good vision as a runner, can beat defenders to spots on the field even when they have angles on him, and he's also very elusive.

    It would be great to see Quick in a spread offense like Oklahoma's.

Malachi Dupre

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    Dupre is so talented that finding a perfect fit for him won't be hard. He has a 6'3", 180-pound frame, good speed, a large strike zone and is a great RAC guy.

    From Louisiana, Dupre has a chance to develop into a No. 1-type of WR one day. He brings back memories of Laquon Treadwell on tape and will be just fine at LSU, should he sign with the Tigers, or anyone else.

Ermon Lane

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    Lane has a 6'2" frame and weighs more than 190 pounds. He's got a solid and thick build, but there's also noticeable length.

    The Florida native will flash great release quickness at times and is above average at getting separation coming out of his breaks. He has strong hands and can go high point balls in traffic when he has to.

    The ability to team up with Kevin Olsen and play with Joseph Yearby at Miami—as a potential No. 1 WR for the Canes—would be a sight to see.

K.D. Cannon

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    Cannon fits best in a high-octane, spread offense and that is why schools like Baylor, Texas Tech and Texas A&M could be great landing spots.

    He's from the Lone Star State and stands 6'0", 160 pounds. Cannon can jet off the line of scrimmage, shows good patience to settle in underneath holes and has great hands. He'll get deep when he can and also has solid RAC skills.

JuJu Smith

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    Smith is viewed as a safety prospect by some, but he's a WR at heart. He has a good feel for the game, catches the ball cleanly with his hands and can be explosive.

    Smith is a 6'1" recruit who weighs over 190 pounds and could get up to 210 in college. He could fit very well in a pro-style attack where he can make plays downfield, across the middle and as a blocker all on the outside edges.

    USC, Washington and Michigan are three schools who would be good fits for Smith.

Speedy Noil

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    Even though he plays QB for his high school team in Louisiana, Noil is so impressive running with the ball that he's considered one of the best WR prospects in the country.

    He's not very big at 5'11", 176 pounds, but Noil is sudden, explosive and elusive. He would fit perfectly in a spread offense and could be a Tavon Austin-type of player due to his versatility.

    Noil is likely to end up at LSU, but he would be an excellent fit at Texas A&M.


    Edwin Weathersby is the College Football Recruiting Analyst for Bleacher Report. He has worked in scouting/player personnel departments for three professional football teams, including the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns.