Percy Harvin Is a Minnesota Viking

Princess CooperCorrespondent IApril 26, 2009

JACKSONVILLE, FL - NOVEMBER 01:  Wide receiver Percy Harvin #1 of the Florida Gators celebrates after his touchdown run in the first quarter while taking on the Georgia Bulldogs at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium on November 1, 2008 in Jacksonville, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
Percy Harvin was drafted in the first round at No. 22 in the NFL Draft. The Minnesota Vikings made him their No. 1 pick. Obviously, Brad Childress saw a lot of upside in this Gator.
So many said with all of his issues that he would probably fall out of the first round and some say the second. Those issues have been well documented the past week or so.
He tested positive to marijuana at the combine, he is difficult to coach, and he has a history of off-the-field issues stemming back to high school are the ones that I have heard swirling around.
Percy was considered the biggest name to test positive at the combine according to some networks like Fox Sports.
According to Pro Football Weekly, five unnamed NFL executives unanimously named Harvin the greatest character risk among the draft's top-flight players.
"Coach Urban Meyer said a couple of weeks back he would be "shocked" if the allegations against Harvin were true, and he's expressed his support of Harvin without addressing specifics about his character."

"We won two national championships and 44 games, most in the SEC during that time period, and some of the greatest years in the history of Florida football," Meyer said.

"And I was on the sidelines with a guy that I know exactly the competitive nature that we're dealing with. Percy is an extreme competitor."
I think that is the sentiment that the those in the NFL saw. There is no way that this player was going to fall out of the first round with that type of talent and with that type of speed. With the type of results that he had while he was at Florida.
Percy Harvin had almost 2000 yards rushing and almost 2000 receiving and that kind of results is hard to is hard to pass up.
So with that being said, owners thought a lot of Percy and the owners of the Vikings acted on it.
“When we evaluated him on football between the lines, he was definitely a Top 10 pick,” Rick Spielman, the Vikings’ vice president of player personnel, told Minneapolis-area reporters. “We feel we have a very strong locker room, a very strong support staff here. We felt comfortable enough that he was just too explosive of a playmaker and too hard to pass up when we were picking.”
It was reported earlier this week Spielman and Childress flew down to visit with Percy on Wednesday. They also met with Urban Meyer and Percy's Mom. It obvious that they all convinced him that Percy would be a positive addition.
But, still all stated and wrote that his stock was plummeting fast and he was now considered a first day draftee and not a first rounder.
I on the other hand thought this was no brainer. Maybe it's because I am a shameless homer for the Gators.
But, I predict Harvin will make an immediate impact and open up more lanes for Adrian Peterson and be a compliment to Benard Berian.
He has potential that is un-matched, a game changer at multiple positions on offense. It would not be surprised either to see Percy run back kicks and punts.
He will be great for the locker room and all will see exactly what value this player has. We in Gator Nation can't thank him enough.
Other surprises in the NFL was Jacksonville not taking Harvin although they had a need at OL and that's exactly what they went after.
I also thought it was surprising that the Buccaneers moved up to get Josh Freeman. But, I think that is a good pick. I like Josh Freeman play and I really thought the Buccaneers needed to find a franchise QB.
And, my feel good story of the draft was the pick at #23 in the first round. That pick went to Michael Oher. His story is well documented but, I will be following this young man who was once homeless. He is now getting a chance to play for the Baltimore Ravens.
Ozzie Newsome and Ravens didn't think he would be available that late in the first round. But, he was and they pounced on him.
I for one cried to watch that moment and listened to him say, "It didn't matter. He could have gone in the seventh round and that the Ravens were getting the hardest working player ever." Good luck Michael, well done.