15 Biggest Cheap Shots in History of College Football

Randy ChambersAnalyst IApril 10, 2013

15 Biggest Cheap Shots in History of College Football

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    Football is a dangerous and violent sport that includes enough risks as it is just by suiting up and going out there on the gridiron. But some players aren't satisfied with everything that comes with the game, and they feel the need to add a little something extra to spice things up. These are often known as cheap shots and can be seen almost on a week-to-week basis with today's technology.

    Some players think adding an extra shove, twist or low blow can give their team a competitive advantage. If you can do just enough to hurt the opposing teams star player, it is one less player the team has to worry about. There are then the knuckleheads that can't control their frustration and they take it out by playing the game dirty.

    There have been plenty of cheap shots throughout college football history, but here are the ones that really make you bow your head in shame.

The Entire FIU-Miami Game

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    You knew we couldn't talk about college football cheap shots and not include the Miami Hurricanes. After all, it is the school that has held this "bad boy" image over the years and is considered dirtier than a New York subway station.

    The Miami-FIU matchup was chippy throughout and it looked like it was only a matter of time before things went overboard. And then it happened. On a special teams play, punches were thrown, kicks were exchanged and it was absolute madness!

    This was a sad day for college football.

Kellen Tillman Levels Marcus Brock

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    Maybe Marcus Brock was upset that he wasn't on the field. Or maybe he thought because it was a TCU-Texas Tech game that there weren't going to be so many cameras in the building. Guess what, we saw you.

    It is bad enough return man Kellen Tillman has 11 guys running after him full speed on a kick return, he doesn't need somebody not even on the field attempting to make a tackle. Well, this is more of a wrestling move, but you get the idea.

Reggie Brown Never Saw It Coming

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    This video never gets old and the image of Reggie Brown lying motionless on the field will never leave your brain. This was a time when flags weren't really thrown for what is called "helmet-to-helmet" hits, but Junior Rosegreen would have been tossed if this play took place in today's game.

    Brown said he has no memory of the hit and has never seen a replay. You have to believe that the impact on this play helped jumpstart the rule changes in all of football.

Woddy Hayes Hits a Player

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    Is this a cheap shot? You have to consider it because we have never seen anything like it. I’m also pretty sure Charlie Bauman didn’t see it coming. Why in the world is head coach Woody Hayes throwing a punch?

    I'm sure we have all seen this replay a million times by now, and we will continue to see it, as it is part of the legacy of the legendary coach. However, I still wonder to this day what the Ohio State coach would have done if Bauman had taken his helmet off and was ready to fight man-to-man.

Micanor Regis Punch on Dwight Jones

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    There are times you can make an excuse for a cheap shot. Maybe the player is frustrated and his temper got the best of him. It happens to the best of us from time to time.

    However, you can never get a pass for throwing a punch at a man’s mid-section. There are lines you don't cross and Micanor Regis crossed it when trying to sneak a cheap shot on North Carolina's Dwight Jones.

    Regis was later suspended for his actions.

Nick Fairley Abusing Aaron Murray

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    Nick Fairley didn't just hit Aaron Murray once in this contest between the two SEC rivals; he tried to get away with many illegal plays throughout the game against Georgia. Seeing this type of nonsense multiple times can really make you sick and force you to label the former Auburn defensive lineman a dirty player all together.

    There is no place in college football for this, and if Fairley was playing in the NFL at the time, he would have likely lost his entire paycheck for that game.

Shareece Wright Blows Up Jake Locker

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    I am the first to say that quarterbacks are protected way too much in football these days. But when you see somebody making their way out of bounds and giving himself up, you have to let it go and avoid dropping the hammer.

    Shareece Wright couldn't resist the urge to hit Jake Locker, as he not only goes in for the bone-crunching hit, but he also goes high towards the head. This may have been awesome if Locker was in the field of play, but with him several yards out of bounds; this is easily a cheap shot.

Jonathan Brown Knee to Pat Ward

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    If I said it once in the Micanor Regis slide, I'll say it again here. Purposely hitting a man in the "private parts" is the lowest another man can go. Well, Jonathan Brown took things to a whole new level by actually kneeing Pat Ward in the goods.

    If you are wondering what he is thinking, notice him look back at the referee before he goes through with the act. This makes you wonder if he was actually trying to draw a flag on the play.

Marcus Vick Stomps on Elvis Dumervil

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    Is this where Ndamukong Suh picked up the inspiration to begin stepping on players?

    I have no idea why Marcus Vick was so upset after this play, but he felt the need to dig his cleats into Louisville defender Elvis Dumervil.

    Vick may have felt that he got the upper hand after this play, but Dumervil is currently an active and three-time Pro Bowl player in the NFL. As for Vick, he is watching his brother Michael Vick play football on his couch somewhere in the world.

Brad Butler Goes Even Lower on Mathias Kiwanuka

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    Alright. Hitting a man in the groin may not exactly be the worst thing in the world. When it comes to football players, going for somebody's knee is the biggest no-no there is and should result in harsh penalties if caught.

    Mathias Kiwanuka was dealing with an injured ankle throughout the game and was clearly seen limping after the play. That is when Brad Butler decides to take full advantage of the situation and take out his legs by rolling directly into his knee. This type of foolishness should get players banned from the game.

    Thankfully Kiwanuka didn't have his career ended, and he is an active player for the New York Giants.

Philip Hunt Takes Advantage of Blown Whistle

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    Quick question: What do you do when the whistle blows? Even folks who never played a down of football in their life would be able to answer that. The play is dead and everybody stops what they were doing.

    Philip Hunt didn't get that memo, as he took many steps toward quarterback Joe Kemp, breaking his collarbone in the process and ending his season. Oh, so he didn't hear the whistle due to the crowd noise? Well, seeing how everybody else stopped and the quarterback is just standing there with the ball, I think that is good indication the play is over.

    This is downright dirty.

Quinton Dial Blindside Hit on Aaron Murray

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    What is with Georgia Bulldogs being on the losing end of all these cheap shots? Better yet, why is there another defensive player picking on Aaron Murray?

    Quinton Dial saw Murray lost in space and simply unloads on the Georgia quarterback. After throwing an interception, you could make a case Murray was a potential tackler, but such a violent blow towards the head area wasn't needed.

    This play didn't receive a flag and Dial wasn't suspended in any way for the BCS title matchup. I said that there was no excuse for this play then, and I still stand by that opinion.

Marquel Wade Doesn't Obey the Fair Catch Rule

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    This is exactly why coaches are hesitant in putting some of their best players out on special teams. All it takes is one cheap shot and that player could be down for the count.

    Arkansas freshman Marquel Wade tried to time the ball reaching Vanderbilt return man Jonathan Krause, but he failed miserably. Krause was blown up and never saw it coming, as he was looking up in the sky trying to haul in the football.

    Wade later apologized for his actions.

William Gholston vs. the Michigan Wolverines

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    William Gholston made sure to get in as many cheap shots as possible against the Michigan Wolverines. Whether it was twisting player’s facemasks as he pretended to help tackle a ball carrier, or jabbing a Michigan offensive lineman in the throat, Gholston was a busy man in this game. 

    It is no secret that the Michigan-Michigan State rivalry is intense, but there isn't a place for this type of stuff to be taking place.

LaGarette Blount Knock out Punch

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    Even though LaGarette Blount has played a few seasons in the NFL and has had his fair share of success, this punch is what he is known for in the eyes of many fans.

    You can understand why he did it, as you clearly see the Boise State player laughing and taunting the former Oregon running back. However, that doesn't exactly make it right. One of the things you must be able to do is control yourself in a losing or winning effort.

    With all that said, at least Blount was smart enough to pick a player without a helmet on. Seriously, how many times do we see guys punching the facemask of another player?