10 College Football Players We'd Love to Party with

Ian Berg@@ShugJordanPkwyCorrespondent IApril 4, 2013

10 College Football Players We'd Love to Party with

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    Sit back and think on the best times in your life. They involve people and experiences, often parties for birthdays, Halloween or wedding celebrations.

    Looking across the college football landscape, there are a handful of players we would love to hit downtown with. They play hard on Saturdays and have the star power and surroundings to make the weekend complete with unforgettable memories.

    If you had the chance to hit downtown or a house party with these 10 guys, you couldn’t turn it down. Big cities and small town star power are mixed in to this list of players to party with. 

De’Anthony Thomas: RB, Oregon Ducks

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    De’Anthony Thomas is the star for the Ducks out of the backfield and is heading into 2013 as one of the most recognized players in the country.

    Thomas carries the star power of any major back in the country, and he lives in one of the best college towns around. It is known for its great nightlife, and the small-town feel would provide for an awesome night out on the West coast.

    Eugene, Ore., is an awesome spot for a number of reasons and taking on the town with the Ducks biggest star would be worthy of a cross country flight. 

Duke Johnson: RB, Miami Hurricanes

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    Duke Johnson is the star running back for the Hurricanes and is a rising sophomore this season.

    He is playing in one of the best party cities in America, and to top it off, the star is a hometown hero. Hitting the town with a player that knows the landscape is the best way possible to take in the rustic beauty that Miami has to offer.

    This would be one of the best times any fan could have with a star player. Johnson’s hometown star power adds to the allure of hitting South Beach. 

Sammy Watkins: WR, Clemson Tigers

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    Arrests are nothing to joke about, and that is not what we are doing, but Watkins seems to have a penchant for partying.

    He took a suspension last season for a misdemeanor arrest (via ESPN), and the hope is that he is now on the right side of the law with his decisions. That being said, Watkins is a star in a small college town and would be a perfect addition to a Clemson night.

    Walking the town with the biggest star on the Tigers team would lead to a ton of fun and unforgettable memories within a few hours. He is a great personality that took his punishment in stride and is headed back to the top of the national discussion this fall.

    Taking in downtown with a possible Heisman contender would be worth a visit to Clemson. 

Jordan Lynch: QB, Northern Illinois Huskies

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    Jordan Lynch stole the spotlight last fall leading the Huskies to a BCS bowl game against Florida State. Despite the loss he is still a rising star, and he just so happens to be a few miles outside of the great city of Chicago.

    Chicago is one of America’s best cities in my opinion. It has everything you would expect it to offer and more. When you add in a Heisman candidate to the trip, it would be a crazy night in downtown.

    The city is full of things to occupy your time, and Lynch should have a solid grasp on the places that would need to be hit on the trip.

    Who doesn’t want to head to Chicago with a Heisman contender?

Braxton Miller: QB, Ohio State Buckeyes

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    Braxton Miller is the biggest star in the Big Ten heading into 2013. In Columbus, he is the biggest name in town.

    Hitting downtown with Miller would be an amazing time. This year he is expected to be a Heisman frontrunner and the fans are in love with his electric play.

    Miller has a bright future ahead of him that looks to be headed long beyond the college level. Having the opportunity to party with Miller just once would be a lasting memory no matter what team you pull for on Saturdays. 

Keith Price: QB, Washington Huskies

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    Seattle is the home of the Washington Huskies campus, and the heart of the craft brewery movement. There is a lot of great suds that flow in Seattle and a ton of good seafood.

    Hitting the town with a star like Keith Price would be time worth setting aside.

    A visit to Seattle is worth the time regardless, but add to it a trip around downtown with one of the team’s biggest stars and good times will follow. The dude obviously knows how to party.

    On another positive note, if you wake up with a splitting headache, Seattle is also known to have a decent cup of java. 

Silas Redd: RB, USC Trojans

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    Silas Redd is a rising senior for the Trojans and was a transfer from Penn State before last season. He hasn’t been in L.A. long, but he has become a star overnight in the offense.

    Redd is a well-known star for the Trojans now, and he plays in one of the best cities on the West coast.

    Los Angeles is an amazing city that is full of great times, but with a star Trojans player alongside a lifelong memory would unfold.

    Make no mistake, the Trojans win football games, but they are known to party as well. Taking on L.A. with a USC star is worth a trip through LAX.

Aaron Murray: QB, Georgia Bulldogs

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    Aaron Murray doesn’t seem like a hard party-goer, but Athens, Ga., is a party town. Taking in the nightlife with Murray would be one of the best times you could have in a college town without question.

    Athens has the small-town appeal that loves college football. Murray is the starting quarterback for the beloved Bulldogs and is a type of royalty in the Peach state.

    Mixing a thirsty town with great bars, awesome scenery and a star quarterback creates a scenario that is unforgettable. You may not be a Georgia fan, but Athens doesn’t care. You shouldn’t either. 

Dominique Easley: DE, Florida Gators

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    Before you question this name, let me clear the air by saying that Gainesville is one of the best college towns around. Add to it the personality of Easley and it is a hell of a good time.

    Easley is returning for his senior season with the Gators and will be a star for the defense this fall. He is a powerful player that brings his A-game on Saturdays.

    He also would bring his A-game to downtown. The Florida fans love their Gators and Easley is a well-known player in Gainesville. If you are looking for a great time in SEC country, hit Gainesville with Easley.  

Johnny Manziel: QB, Texas A&M Aggies

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    Johnny Manziel has been all over the news lately with his off-the-field antics this summer. One this is certain, Manziel loves to party and his star power is being tapped into very well by the young Heisman winner.

    He has donned a Scooby Doo outfit for Halloween, attended Mardi Gras and numerous other events (via ESPN) since last season, captivating the country with his every move.

    Manziel recently shut down his Twitter account because of the amount of star power that he now carries, but stepping out for a night in College Station would be awesome whether it ended up on Twitter or not.

    Manziel is college football’s No. 1 player, and right now appears to be the No.1 party-goer.