Top 2015 College Football Recruits Already Piling Up Big Offers

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIMarch 22, 2013

Top 2015 College Football Recruits Already Piling Up Big Offers

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    We're still a long ways from national signing day 2015, but that doesn't mean that coaches across the country aren't paying attention to the best current sophomore recruits in the nation.

    Getting an early start on the recruiting trail is becoming a must in today's recruiting culture. Sometimes, the quicker you can get an offer to a recruit, the better your chances will be in regards to being one of his top teams when all is said and done.

    These 2015 recruits may still be very young, but they project to be extremely talented.

    Let's take a look at a few 2015 recruits that are already garnering a ton of offers.

Cecil Cherry, ILB, Orangeburg-Wilkinson (S.C.)

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    Offers: 14

    Cecil Cherry already has the size of a big-time inside linebacker at 6'0'', 220 pounds. 

    He's an extremely physically imposing inside linebacker who will put a hat on the ball and make a play. Cherry is a strong, fundamental hitter with very good closing speed and aggressiveness. He just seems to have a nose for the ball, and he's a turnover machine when he's around it.

    Even as a sophomore, I see star potential in Cherry.

    Florida is the top team on his 247Sports interest list, but he also has notable offers from Tennessee, South Carolina, Ohio State, Miami and Florida State amongst others.

George Campbell, WR, East Lake (FL)

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    Offers: 15

    George Campbell is 6'3'', 180 pounds and he's only a sophomore in high school. Needless to say, his potential is great as a wide receiver. 

    He has top speed and his length allows him to get very good separation. He's going to be a pure deep threat at the college level, without a doubt. Campbell also displays great leaping ability and extension, so he can go up, make an athletic play and high-point the ball.

    Campbell can also play on the edges of the defense. 247Sports has him listed as both a safety and an athlete, but he projects to be a top wide receiver without any doubt in my mind.

    Florida, Florida State and Michigan are the top three on his 247Sports interest list.

Jordan Scarlett, RB, University School (FL)

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    Offers: 15

    Jordan Scarlett projects to be a very good running back, and the level of interest in him backs that up.

    Scarlett has 15 offers so far. Wisconsin, Ohio State, Miami, LSU and Alabama top his 247Sports interest list. He also has notable offers from Georgia, Michigan State, UCLA and Florida State amongst others.

    He's an extremely patient runner with good vision, excellent footwork and an elite burst once he finds the hole. Scarlett displays very good quickness and projects to be a great edge runner, and he'll be hard to catch once he finds some open space.

    He has the potential to be a playmaker at the college level.

Rico McGraw, S, Ensworth (TN)

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    Offers: 17

    Rico McGraw looks like he has what it takes to be an elite safety recruit, so of course he has some big-time offers.

    Alabama is on top of his interest list, but the Crimson Tide are followed by Georgia Tech, Memphis, Mississippi State, North Carolina, Ole Miss, Tennessee, UCLA and Vanderbilt—all with "warm interests" (247Sports).

    He already has good size for a safety recruit at 6'1'', 180 pounds and he combines that with good speed and quickness. He displays very good cover skills, physicality and agility. He closes quickly on the ball and can play strong at the line of scrimmage. He also has the speed and range to cover the deep zones as a safety. McGraw can play either or corner or safety.

Sherrod Pittman, OLB, First Coast (FL)

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    Offers: 17

    For just a sophomore in high school, Sherrod Pittman has great size as an outside linebacker. He's 6'1'', 215 pounds, which is very good for his position.

    Clemson, Florida and Florida State are the top teams on his interest list (247Sports), but he also has notable offers from Tennessee, South Carolina, Ohio State, Auburn and Ole Miss amongst others.

    He plays strong at the point of attack and uses his hands well to disengage blockers. He'll be around the ball a lot on the edges and he has the skill set to make a ton of plays.

    Pittman should only get better with more time and experience, so he's going to be a very good recruit. 

Jacques Patrick, ATH/RB, Timber Creek (FL)

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    Offers: 29

    Jacques Patrick already has offers from some of the biggest and best programs in the country, so obviously there's a lot of coaches that think he can be very special. For all intents and purposes, he projects to be very good.

    Patrick is already 6'1'', 200 pounds and he runs a 4.50 40-yard dash, according to 247Sports. 

    He's a strong runner with long strides and very good game speed. He'll be tough to take down and can break arm tackles. He keeps his legs moving after contact and displays good vision and quick feet. Patrick can also make plays out of the backfield as a receiver, and he can throw the ball.

    Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Miami, and Ohio State are all on top of his interest list (247Sports).


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