Stefon Diggs' Younger Brother Trevon Already Turning Heads as a 2016 Recruit

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIFebruary 25, 2013

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Trevon Diggs is only a freshman in high school, but he's already getting attention on the college football recruiting scene.

Such is the reality of recruiting in today's day and age. 

He's getting looks as just a freshman because of his abilities, but it also helps that Diggs is the younger brother of Stefon Diggs, who was a 5-star wide receiver recruit from the 2012 class.

Diggs signed with Maryland, which was a huge upset considering the fact that he was also considering Florida, Ohio State and Auburn. In the end, it was the Terrapins that came away with the nation's No. 2 wideout recruit (247Sports Composite).

He went on to have 54 receptions for 848 yards and six touchdowns as a freshman for Maryland, so if that talent runs in the family, it shouldn't be surprising that Trevon is already getting some major recruiting attention.

According to Luke Stampini of 247Sports, the 2016 recruit, who was a participant at the New Level Athletics 7-on-7 event, has already started to think about the recruiting process:

While the recruiting process has yet to truly begin for the younger Diggs, he has an early idea of where he would like to go.

“Florida, basically down south,” he said. “It’s hot, I like it hot and I like the speed.”

This weekend was not Diggs’ first trip to the state of Florida. He made his way to Gainesville during his brother’s official visit last winter.

“I talked Muschamp when my brother went down there for a visit. It was fun, really fun.”

Here's a prime example of how recruiting can sometimes be a cumulative process, especially if a family boasts more than one great high school football player.

We saw just how much family can make an impact on recruiting with 2013's No. 1 overall recruit Robert Nkemdiche, and it would be naive to think that Ole Miss' recruitment of his brother Denzel the year before didn't plant that Ole Miss bug in Robert's mind.

Here's yet another case of a coach trying to recruit one player (in this case Will Muschamp recruiting Stefon Diggs), but also making a long-term impact with a family member. 

So much of recruiting has to do with affinity, and that starts early on in the process.

What that means is that when a recruit thinks about a school or program, he can't help but think positive thoughts. Whether it be because of a good interaction with the coach at some point, or even something as broad as seeing that program on T.V. a lot, or getting a good vibe from a fanbase.

All of those things play into the recruiting process, and while they may be small factors and even subliminal in some cases, they all matter.

We see the end result with a recruit signing in February, but sometimes the process starts as early as childhood, and it's definitely in full swing with elite recruits by the time they enter high school.

There's two very fascinating stories taking place here.

The first is that a freshman in high school is already garnering attention from the recruiting world. We know his brother was a big-time recruit, and it looks like he has the potential to be a standout once the 2016 class starts coming into focus.

Keep an eye on Diggs moving forward, and keep an eye on how the Gators approach his recruitment.

Therein lies the second part of this story, which is equally as fascinating. 

The recruiting process in general is like an expertly written drama, and it's times like these where we really get to see the big picture. Sometimes an affinity to a program can be formed years before a recruit actually sends in a fax.

The process is like a gigantic tapestry where everything is interwoven. 

Wins matter, even years before a recruiting class is relevant. The same thing can be said for coaching interactions and even the way that a fanbase conducts itself.

For a coach, every conversation matters and every impression lasts.

Every handshake is an opportunity and every youth football player could end up being a 5-star recruit.

It's interesting to hear that a freshman in high school is already making an impact on the world of college football recruiting. Even more intriguing though is the thought that the world of college football recruiting had made an impact on him long before that.

Every little detail matters.

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