Power Ranking the Pac-12 Teams with the Biggest Home-Field Advantage

Randy ChambersAnalyst IFebruary 13, 2013

Power Ranking the Pac-12 Teams with the Biggest Home-Field Advantage

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    College football is a sport that stands out like none other because of the passion that the fans bring to the table. Fans bleed the colors of their favorite team and show up every home game decked out in fan gear to show their team support every Saturday. This is the case for every conference in the country, especially the Pac-12.

    While earning the reputation of being that flashy conference that scores a boatload of points, the Pac-12 is also a group of teams that provides tough home atmospheres. Having a stadium that is constantly rocking and making it a place that no visiting team wants to play in is just as important as putting together a talented group of players and a veteran coaching staff.

    So which teams provide the toughest home field in the Pac-12?

    Let's take a look.

The Rest of the Pack

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    6. Rice-Eccles Stadium

    7. Arizona Stadium

    8. Reser Stadium

    9. Rose Bowl

    10. California Memorial Stadium

    11. Martin Stadium

    12. Stanford Stadium

5. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

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    Opened: 1923

    Capacity: 93,607 


    If we were talking about the most prestigious stadium in the Pac-12 or one of the legendary icons in college sports, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum would be at the top. But since we are discussing home-field advantages, the home of the Trojans barely sniffs the top five.

    The stadium very rarely gets loud enough to affect the opposing team—unless of course Notre Dame or Oregon is in town. The crowd just isn't motivated to get into the game, especially when most Trojans fans expect their team to blow out the opponent within the first three quarters. The stadium is also located in a bad part of town, which has driven many fans away from the historic landmark.

    Still, with all of the history and everything that has been accomplished in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, being an opposing team in this building has to be somewhat intimidating. Knowing that you are playing in a legendary stadium and that a good portion of the entire college football world is watching is enough for the USC home atmosphere to make this list.

    It’s not too often a team gets to play in a stadium that has seen and done it all. This has to have some impact on the psyche of the opposing team.

4. Folsom Field

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    Opened: 1924

    Capacity: 53,613


    Folsom Field has to be one of the most underrated stadiums in all of college sports. Of course, not reaching a bowl game since 2007 and winning a combined four games in the last two years hasn't helped matters, but the Buffaloes still provide a tough atmosphere to play in.

    Despite the recent struggles and being subpar at best on the home turf, Colorado fans continue to show up in large numbers and support their team with passion. It is rare to see many empty seats in Folsom Field, and the crowd does a good job of showing team pride for as long as possible. There is also one of the best pregame traditions in college football, when Ralphie runs all over the field.

    Colorado has had more than a rough time in producing a quality product on the field, but the fans continue to remain loyal to the program. Beating the team on the field has proven to be easy, but Buffalo supporters continue to show that you can't break their spirit.

    Because of the home atmosphere, the Buffaloes always have a puncher's chance when the game is played in Colorado.

3. Sun Devil Stadium

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    Opened: 1958

    Capacity: 71,706


    Sun Devil Stadium is often the redheaded stepchild when discussing Pac-12 stadiums. Most forget to bring it up in the conversation or sometimes forget that it even exists. Granted, it is finally receiving some much-needed renovations and isn't as pretty as some of the others on this list, but this baby can rock when it needs to.

    There are very few stadiums that allow you to be as close to the action as Sun Devil Stadium does. With you practically on top of the game, you can let the opposing team know just how you feel about them; just don't be surprised if a player yells back at you.

    Along with the underrated crowd noise, it tends to get extremely hot in the first two months of the season. Playing in average temperatures from 100 degrees to the mid-80s is not something every visiting team can usually handle. Due to the intense heat, this gives the Sun Devils even more points as far as providing a tough home atmosphere.

    Sun Devil Stadium doesn't get nearly the amount of credit it deserves, as the fans always show up and make things difficult for the visiting team.

2. Husky Stadium

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    Opened: 1920

    Capacity: 72,500


    Husky Stadium already deserves a high grade for everything it brings to the table, but with even more renovations currently taking place, this is a stadium that will only go up from here.

    Huskies fans absolutely love their team and because of the loyal fan support, Husky Stadium has widely been considered one of the loudest in all of college football. In fact, a 1992 home game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers is considered the loudest college football game ever, measuring in at 130 decibels. (To see what that game was like, click here)

    When it comes to tough places to play, crowd noise is the biggest factor, as it makes the opposing team uneasy and makes communication difficult. There aren't many stadiums as loud as this one, as this is more like an SEC atmosphere with the type of crowds that show up and with how deafening it can get.

    Forget the fact that you can tailgate on a boat and you have a beautiful view of the water, college football teams would rather play the Huskies at their own house and avoid having to put up with 70,000-plus screaming fans.

1. Autzen Stadium

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    Opened: 1967

    Capacity: 54,000


    Autzen Stadium doesn't hold nearly the same amount of people as some of the other stadiums on this list, and it's actually one of the smaller ones when talking about BCS programs. But size is only a number, and the Oregon Ducks' house proves it week in and week out.

    Although the capacity is listed at 54,000, Autzen usually draws much closer to 60,000 on a regular basis. Also, with the game being played on a sunken field and the fans being so close to the action, the noise is much louder than you would expect to hear from one of the smaller stadiums in college football.

    For a complete list of those who have experienced Autzen Stadium firsthand, you can click here to see what was said about the crowd noise.

    Autzen Stadium provides the loudness, the terrific atmosphere with the beautiful scenery and, of course, the Duck and his pushups. When you combine everything that this stadium has to offer, it is by far the toughest place to play in the Pac-12.