Ole Miss' Top-Recruit Receiver Laquon Treadwell Allegedly Tweets $100 Bills Pic

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Ole Miss' Top-Recruit Receiver Laquon Treadwell Allegedly Tweets $100 Bills Pic
Photo Credit: Detroit News

Twitter and other social media websites continue to be a hurdle athletes stumble over, even those who are yet to play a single game outside of high school. 

Lost Letterman reports on the latest athlete who needed to delete an ill-advised post to Twitter. It seems the new Ole Miss wide receiver, Laquon Treadwell, who committed on January 17, decided to post this picture to Twitter. 

As the report states, the picture has since been deleted from his account. 

Photo Credit: Lost Letterman

Treadwell posted a since-deleted photo to his Twitter account of what we presume are his hands atop a stack of $100 bills. Naturally, it gave plenty of Ole Miss critics ammunition in their suspicion of how Hugh Freeze has been able to reel in such a great recruiting class.

Treadwell is a 5-star rated receiver considered to be the best in the nation and a top-5 overall by Yahoo! Sports' Rivals

Now as far as the picture, it seems to be a hand grabbing at a stack of $100 bills. Now before you go blasting the school for something sinister, consider this is just what kids do when they come across money; they photograph it. 

Instead of thinking about the repercussions or how it might look to those outside the school, they take a picture to flaunt any assumed status. 

The report reminds us that Johnny Manziel, America's favorite quarterback, did the same thing when he recently won money at an Oklahoma casino

In that case, there was nothing against the rules about the picture. It was just immature and needlessly provocative. 

Photo Credit: 247 Sports

For the moment, we are careful to note that these are mere allegations that the picture even features Treadwell

Even if the pictures are legitimate, it hardly implicates the young man or the school in any wrongdoing. 

It just looks horrible. 

So we stress this again, because the next athlete blunder is but one Twitter post away, please think before you hit the tweet button. 

Hit me up on Twitter, sans the skrilla pics. 

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