Two FIU Players Tweet About Taking Recruits to a Strip Club

Richard LangfordCorrespondent IJanuary 28, 2013

There is a good chance that someone employed at Florida International University is talking to members of the football team about proper social media practices. 

Defensive tackle Isame Faciane and defensive back Demarkus Perkins may have ruined social media for the whole program thanks to some of their Twitter posts over the weekend.

David J. Neal of The Miami Herald reported that two FIU players shared tweets indicating that they took a recruit to a strip club.

As Neal reported, Perkins was bragging about the trip to the club. Furthermore, in a later conversation—again on Twitter—with Faciane, the defensive back made a comment (per USA Today) on the trip to the club. 

The aforementioned "proper social media practices" chat may have already happened, as it appears both accounts have been deleted. 

While the incident itself does not appear to be something that would bring the fury of the NCAA down on the school, this is not the kind of attention a coach or university is going to want around a football program. 

For starters, once a university grabs the NCAA's attention for possible rules violations, it can turn into a slippery slope. There is always the chance that the governing body of college athletics starts giving a program a serious look and finds other violations. 

In other words, it is best to not wake a sleeping giant. 

Also, this isn't the most favorable image to carry, as coaches visit the families of incoming recruits. These coaches are trying to sell them on the merits of their program to help turn young men into responsible adults. 

In the game of recruiting, image is everything.