Collin Klein's Wife Shalin Klein Steals Fiesta Bowl Spotlight

Matt FitzgeraldCorrespondent IIIJanuary 3, 2013

A rather important football game on Thursday evening between the No. 6 Kansas State Wildcats and the fifth-ranked Oregon Ducks wasn't enough to divert attention from the game to the stands.

The ESPN telecast frequently shifted its coverage of the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl to Shalin Klein, the wife of Wildcats QB Collin Klein.

The couple were married in July, where the Heisman Trophy contender apparently had his first kiss at the altar (h/t USA TODAY).

Shalin Klein played basketball at Kansas State, and was certainly setting the Internet ablaze. WBIR Knoxville reporter Kris Budden provided an interesting bit of information on Twitter:

If anyone was curious- Shalin Klein they keep showing in the stands is Lady Vols Taber Spani's sister. She played hoops at KSU.

— Kris Budden (@KBudden) January 4, 2013

None of the viewers in the typical college football target audience are going to argue with the constant penchant the cameraman seemed to have in veering over to Shalin Klein. First of all, she has an awesome name and secondly, she is an attractive-looking woman.

Highlights of the coverage included Shalin's celebrations and concerned looks when KSU trailed 15-0 early on and Shalin's husband was taking some punishment.

And, well, random close-ups for no apparent reason out of commercial breaks.

Let's not forget that there is a high-scoring football game going on, and that should be the primary focus here. It is only the first half, and it's uncertain how much more of Shalin we will see.

For what is meant to be such an entertaining showdown on the gridiron, though, it's hard to deny how big of a draw Shalin Klein has been this evening.

One thing is certain: Whether Collin Klein wins or loses this game, his life isn't all that bad.