25 Lasting Memories from the 2012 College Football Season

Joe PenkalaCorrespondent IDecember 27, 2012

25 Lasting Memories from the 2012 College Football Season

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    For as long as the wait seemed like it would take, the 2012 season blew by fans and now we are left with the remaining bowl games before that long wait picks back up. 

    While this season did fly by, it did not come and go without leaving some lasting impressions on fans. Here is a look at 25 memories that college football fans will have from the 2012 season.

Alabama Rolls over Michigan

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    Last year Michigan picked up some momentum through big wins and heading to a BCS bowl game.

    To kick off this year, the Wolverines had a test against Alabama and failed miserably as the Crimson Tide dominated the game from start to finish.

Boise State Drops Opener

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    Boise State has been known for taking on a challenge at the start of the season, and this year the Broncos went up against Michigan State on the road.

    With the loss of Kellen Moore, the offense stagnated and never got going as the Spartans handed the Broncos a loss.

Arkansas Falls Apart

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    This was a rough year for Arkansas. Before the season even started, the Hogs lost their head coach and then things quickly went downhill as the season progressed.

Louisiana Monroe Pushes SEC

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    Louisiana Monroe came out of nowhere to challenge two teams in the SEC. To start with, it found a way to beat Arkansas and send its season into a tailspin and then it pushed Auburn to the limit, a huge success for this program.

Stanford Upsets USC

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    Coming into the 2012 season, USC was being viewed as a team that could win the national championship.

    Those plans began to break up early as the Trojans went on the road and lost an early game to Stanford.

Notre Dame Picks off Michigan for Win

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    As its season began to pick up, Notre Dame went up against Michigan. The year prior, the offenses were the main show but this year, the Notre Dame defense made the difference as it routinely picked off Denard Robinson.

Geno Smith Throws 8 TD’s Versus Baylor

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    Before West Virginia watched its season fall apart, Geno Smith was on fire in the month of September.

    Against Baylor, Smith went out and tossed eight touchdowns and was at the very top of everyone’s Heisman list.

Notre Dame Remains Undefeated Against Stanford

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    Notre Dame continued their undefeated season when they took on Stanford. Both teams went back and forth in this game, but it was a goal-line stand by the Irish in overtime that sealed the win.

Georgia Beats Florida

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    With control of the division up for grabs, the Gators and Bulldogs went up against each other.

    It was a close game, but the Bulldogs took down the Gators and gained the inside track to the conference championship.

Marcus Mariota Becoming Household Name

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    This season saw a couple of young players step into the spotlight and shine. One of those players was Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota.

    Mariota ran the Oregon offense flawless and is a player that the Ducks will build around for the next few seasons.

Irish Beat Oklahoma on the Road

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    The unbeaten road continued for Notre Dame as it headed into Norman to take on the Sooners.

    Oklahoma had already stumbled early against Kansas State, but it was outmatched by the Irish as the Notre Dame defense stood up to the task once again.

Alabama’s Late Drive Takes Down LSU

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    The game between LSU and Alabama was supposed to be a shot for the Tigers to get back at Alabama.

    Late in the fourth quarter, it appeared that they would get their revenge until the Tide were able to put together a touchdown drive in the final minute of the game.

Oregon and USC Light the Scoreboard on Fire

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    At the start of the year, the Oregon and USC game was suppose to be the biggest conference matchup for the Pac-12.

    With an early loss by USC, some of the importance was lost, but the scoring was still there. Both teams went back and forth, but the Ducks won an offensive shootout, 62-51.

Texas A&M Beats Alabama

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    With a group of teams still undefeated, Alabama was the first to fall back from the pack.

    After a huge win early against LSU, Alabama took a step back as the Aggies were able to come into Bryant-Denny Stadium and beat the Crimson Tide.

Stanford Beats Oregon on the Road

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    With Alabama out of the race, it appeared that Oregon and Kansas State were on track to meet for the national title game.

    During a game in Autzen Stadium, the Ducks continued to make mistakes, and the Stanford defense kept the Cardinal in the game and finally helped them seal the deal with a win in overtime.

Baylor Destroys Kansas State

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    In the same weekend that Oregon lost, Kansas State went on the road with the No. 1 spot and got blasted by Baylor.

    The Wildcats were out of this game early and could never climb back into it.


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    In a year that USC fans would like to forget, the Trojans had already had their national title hopes taken away by Stanford and Oregon.

    But with another loss to UCLA, the Trojans had their conference title hopes dashed.

Auburn Held Winless in the SEC

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    For a team that won the national title back in 2010, this past season was hard to endure.

    The Tigers were unable to win one conference game all year long, and by the time the season was coming to an end, Gene Chizik would be shown the door and fired.

Stanford and UCLA Play in Back-to-Back Weeks

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    In a unique scenario, UCLA had the power to decided if it wanted to take on Oregon or Stanford in the Pac-12 title game.

    As the game against Stanford progressed, the Cardinal began to pull away, and with the loss, these two teams would meet the next week but see a similar result.

Ohio State Goes Undefeated

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    While the Buckeyes were on a postseason ban this year, that didn’t stop them from going undefeated in Urban Meyer’s first season.

    With a season like this, Meyer has plenty to build off of going forward.

Kansas State Wins Big 12

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    Despite the loss to Baylor, Kansas State ended up winning out and earning the Big 12 title. With the win, Kansas State punched its ticket to the Fiesta Bowl to take on Oregon.

Wisconsin Explodes in Big Ten Title Game

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    Going into the Big Ten title game, Wisconsin and Nebraska looked to be two teams that would pound things out on the ground and play a tight game. What fans got instead was an explosion of points that ended with Wisconsin winning big.

Florida State Wins ACC

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    Last year Florida State came up short of their goals to not only win the ACC but also win the national title.

    This year the Seminoles may have fallen short of the national title game but did secure a tight win in the ACC title game.

Johnny Manziel Wins Heisman

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    Much like Marcus Mariota, Johnny Manziel is another young quarterback that took the nation by storm.

    Manziel often created play after play with his legs, and after his signature win over Alabama, he became a shoe-in for the Heisman Trophy.

Notre Dame and Alabama Paired for Title Fight

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    Once all of the dust had settled on this crazy season, the Irish and Crimson Tide were left at No. 1 and No. 2.

    These two teams have earned the right to head down to Miami and battle it out for the national championship.