5 College Football Players Who Should Consider Transferring

Joe PenkalaCorrespondent IDecember 21, 2012

5 College Football Players Who Should Consider Transferring

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    Around the nation, players are working on getting ready for their bowl games, but for some specific players, they are beginning to wonder if they are at the right school for the sake of their future.

    When a player commits to a school, he is not going there with the thought of playing second-fiddle or backup to anyone, but sometimes another player comes in during the same year or the following year and outperforms him on the field.

    Here is a look at five specific players that should think long and hard about transferring.

Bryan Bennett

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    Bryan Bennett came into the 2012 season as the player who was most likely to replace Darron Thomas. Instead of taking over, Bennett was beat out by redshirt freshman Marcus Mariota.

    With Mariota in firm control, it may be time for Bennett to make a move because the only way he is getting on the field is due to injury. 

Gunner Kiel

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    Gunner Kiel is stuck behind freshman Everett Golson at Notre Dame, and he could be stuck there for his entire career. Golson has a firm grip on the starting job, and after taking the Irish to the national title game, that was solidified. 

Matt Joeckel

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    Matt Joeckel is in a situation that will result in him never seeing the field. This year Johnny Manziel exploded onto the scene and now is the unquestioned starter.

    While he doesn't have the talent to beat out Manziel, he could be a solid starter at a smaller program. 

David Ash

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    This may seem crazy but David Ash continues to share the spotlight and talk with Case McCoy. While being the starter at Texas is huge, Ash could go to another school and be the unquestioned No. 1 there. 

Blake Sims

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    Blake Sims is only a year behind A.J. McCarron, but he will never see the field. McCarron is almost a legend, now that he's led Alabama to compete for his second national title. At best, Sims will only see one season at Alabama.