Michigan Mailbag Question: How many more QBs and WRs Do We Need?

ErocWolverineSenior Writer IMarch 25, 2009

Coach and Eroc,

Michigan seems to be recruiting a lot of quarterbacks and receivers—a disproportionate number, even.

Any thoughts on why this is? Do not get me wrong, I believe in Coach Rod and trust his tactics. I am just surprised. I would like to see some defensive commits immediately.




Thanks for the question.

Michigan's base set requires four wide receivers/slot receivers.

The offense also uses a fifth split end/slot formation.

To effectively practice and to have adequate depth it takes eight to ten of these types of athletes.

It will be interesting to see if they will be able to get tight end Kevin Koger involved in the offense this year, because we believe he has the potential to be a first round NFL draft pick someday.

Thus far the biggest obstacle to this has been the quarterback play along with the fact that in Coach Rod's offense he does not use the tight ends as effectively as other teams that use the same type of spread offense as Michigan.

That is why we believe Michigan's staff met with Missouri last year to learn how they worked the tight end into their plans, in addition to talking with Oklahoma the past two years about their passing game.

We believe that Coach Rod and the assistant coaches are not happy with the split ends they have right now nor the quality of the depth at the position to work with their scheme.

These types of players can also help on special teams. Our take on quarterbacks is simple: the roster did not have any quarterbacks who were a good fit for Coach Rod's offense.

Michigan had to take larger than normal numbers than is usual for each class to provide the offense with athletes capable of running Coach Rod's schemes and to provide quality depth.

We believe besides Devin Gardner (2010 commit), they will try and get another quarterback to commit in that class.

Trust us, we know where you're coming from, because we are defensive-minded people as well.

We have been bringing up the seemingly anemic defensive recruiting considering the depth issues and lack of talent on defense which we witnessed last spring.


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Written by CoachBt and ErocWolverine