10 Most Embarrassing Moments of 2012 College Football Season

Jake Martin@JakeMartinSECCorrespondent IIIDecember 9, 2012

10 Most Embarrassing Moments of 2012 College Football Season

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    Watching college football fails can be a guilty pleasure for any fan.

    Whether it's a coaching tirade, a blooper on the field or just something as outlandish as a player's mom getting arrested during a game, watching these videos can be a lot of fun.

    It's almost as fun as searching for them on the Internet. 

    So sit back and get comfortable, because this slideshow provides the most embarrassing moments of the college football season. Laughter is sure to follow. 

10. Catching Referees

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    Let's kick this baby off with a referee botch, shall we?

    As the referee was trying to track down the play in the Ohio State/Nebraska game, he was unaware of his surroundings. 

    And if there's anything we've learned from watching Batman Begins 554 times, it's to always mind your surroundings. 

    The referee ran up the sideline and straight into the kicker's net. And as result, he became the topic of conversation around the country. 

9. Tyler Bray to Derek Dooley

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    This sums up the Tennessee Vols' year all too well. 

    Tyler Bray is fun to watch because he is a gun-slinging machine. However, he can get frustrated easily. And in a league that features defenses such as the Florida Gators, Bray became frustrated often this season.

    The Gators rattled his cage so much that, on a crucial third down, he sailed the ball out of bounds and into the hands of his head coach.

    Immediately, Derek Dooley caught it and threw the ball down in disgust. 

8. Orwin Smith Safety

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    Football is all about being on the same page. It's about being on the same page with your coaches and teammates and getting your brain on the same page with your body.

    Orwin Smith's brain and body were not on the same page against Miami.

    Smith caught the kickoff and was going to run it out, but then stopped to kneel it in the end zone. Except, the only problem was his hand touched out of the end zone before he downed the ball, which resulted in a safety.

    To make matters worse, Georgia Tech lost in overtime. The Yellow Jackets sure could have used those two points.  

7. Collin Klein Behind the Back

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    Oh, you fancy, huh?

    On 3rd-and-goal, Kansas State ran a jump pass, except this one had a wrinkle in it.

    Colin Klein took the snap, ran up to the line of scrimmage and threw it behind him. When he tossed it behind his back, no one was there and the ball went tumbling behind for a gigantic loss.

    And some say Kansas State is boring to watch...

6. LA Tech Bowl Invite...or Lack Thereof

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    Who wants to purchase a Louisiana Tech bowl shirt?

    "Independence Bowl? Psh, don't you know we're the mighty Louisiana Tech Bulldogs?"

    OK, Louisiana Tech might not have said that, but it sure did seem like it. 

    For those who missed out on this, Louisiana Tech was invited to the Independence Bowl to take on UL-Monroe. The Bulldogs declined the offer in hopes of receiving another bowl bid. That offer never came, and now the Bulldogs are left without a bowl game

5. Tennessee Meltdown

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    Whoever thought they would see Vanderbilt blowing out Tennessee in your lifetime, say "I." Mighty quiet around here.

    Anytime Tennessee loses to Vanderbilt, it's disastrous. Anytime Tennessee gets blown out by Vanderbilt, well...that really doesn't happen often. In fact, the last time Vanderbilt "blew out" Tennessee was in 1954, when the Commodores won 26-0. 

    That's not nearly as bad 41-18.

    Tennessee self-destructed and Vanderbilt picked up the pieces to give its bigger brother a beating to remember.

    So, is Vanderbilt the new elite football university in Tennessee now? 

4. Tommy Tuberville Rips Headset off Assistant

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    Let's try to keep our heads here.

    Tommy Tuberville could not contain his emotions after his team was lost in confusion on the sideline. No one knew who was in and who was out, and that's a coaching error.

    Well, Tuberville took it out on his assistant, ripping his assistant head coach's headset off in anger

    Tuberville later apologized for his embarrassing antics.  

3. Southern Miss Mom Arrested

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    It's been a season to forget, right Southern Miss?

    As if the play on the field wasn't bad enough, Southern Miss quarterback Anthony Alford's mother was arrested during a game while trying to defend her son.

    A fan was heckling her son during the game, and apparently, Alford's mother didn't appreciate it very much.

    After she defended her son's honor, she was escorted out of the stadium with an officer, but not before she gave the stare of death

2. Wyoming Coach Tirade

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    Video Note: Has Explicit Content (NSFW)

    After the Air Force and Wyoming's Military Appreciation Night in October, Wyoming coach Dave Christensen told Air Force coach Troy Calhoun exactly how he felt during the postgame handshake.

    Christensen felt that the Falcons players were faking injuries for clock management, and as you can tell from the video, he was none too pleased after his Cowboys' 28-27 loss. 

    Christensen questioned Calhoun's ethics and integrity while shouting F-bombs. There's nothing contradictory about that at all.  

    Phew, it feels good to honor the troops. 

    Christensen later apologized and was suspended one week and fined $50,000 for his actions.

1. Andre Parker's Unforgettable Fumble Recovery

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    Nothing this season topped what Towson and Kent State did in the opening week of the college football season.

    Kent State's Andre Parker recovered a muffed punt and decided to take it back in the wrong direction. We've all seen this before, and it's quite embarrassing. However, Towson decided to one-up him.

    Rather than letting him take it to the house for a safety, the Towson players decided to chase him down and tackle him.

    Just so much fail in one play.