College Football Rankings 2012: Most Overrated Teams in Week 14 BCS Standings

Tim Daniels@TimDanielsBRFeatured ColumnistNovember 29, 2012

The BCS has done a solid job of pegging the top teams this season. Notre Dame and Alabama deserve the top two spots. Once you look outside the Top 10, however, there are some overrated teams that prove the system still has some flaws.

It's a sign the decision to go with a playoff system in the future was the right one. There are just too many moving parts that lead to teams getting misplaced to let the national title ride completely on it. It might not show at the top, but it does elsewhere in the standings.

With that in mind, let's take a look at Week 14's overrated teams.


No. 13 Florida State

Florida State ranks eighth in scoring offense and seventh in scoring defense. Based purely on those numbers, it would seem like their ranking would be reasonable. But when you examine the Seminoles' actual results, it just doesn't add up.

They have only beaten one ranked team (Clemson), lost to an unranked NC State squad and weren't able to hang with rival Florida at home last week. For the most part, they have crushed inferior opponents to make their raw stats have the look of an elite team.

Even though the Seminoles did earn a spot in the ACC title game, the conference's lack of elite teams makes that less of an accomplishment. Getting such a high spot with only one quality victory doesn't make sense.


No. 17 Kent State

Kent State enters the MAC championship game with a chance to make a BCS bowl game. While the level of play in the MAC has definitely been on the rise in recent years, the Golden Flashes are an example of a major BCS issue.

It shouldn't be possible for a team that got blown out of the water by Kentucky to steal a spot from a more deserving team in a marquee bowl. The Wildcats didn't win a single game in SEC play, but they still crushed Kent State.

The Golden Flashes deserve credit for going on the road to knock off Rutgers. But the Scarlet Knights had a bloated record going into the game and have since lost to Pittsburgh. It's a pretty hollow 11-1 record, and the system still rewards it.


No. 18 Texas

The Longhorns have an opportunity to remove their name from the overrated list on Saturday when they take on No. 6 Kansas State. As for now, they don't deserve a spot in the rankings after a loss to TCU on Thanksgiving.

Texas' porous defense gave up a combined 111 points in its two biggest games of the season in losses to West Virginia and Oklahoma. Those two games alone showed Texas had too many flaws to be considered a top team.

The only ranked team the Longhorns beat was Texas Tech, which proceeded to lose two more games down the stretch to drop out of the rankings completely. There's reason for optimism looking ahead, but Texas shouldn't be in the Top 25 right now.


 1. Notre Dame
 2. Alabama
 3. Georgia
 4. Florida
 5. Oregon
 6. Kansas State
 7. LSU
 8. Stanford
 9. Texas A&M
 10. South Carolina
 11. Oklahoma
 12. Nebraska
 13. Florida State
 14. Clemson
 15. Oregon State
 16. UCLA
 17. Kent State
 18. Texas
 19. Michigan
 20. Boise State
 21. Northern Illinois
 22. Northwestern
 23. Oklahoma State
 24. Utah State
 25. San Jose State



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