Florida Gators Football Player May Be Dating FSU Cheerleader, Bedlam Nears

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 26, 2012

Photo Credit: College Cheerleader Heaven
Photo Credit: College Cheerleader Heaven

Somewhere in the heart of Florida, there is bound to be some fans that care far too much about this story than they should. 

When you hear a Gator football player may be dating a Seminoles cheerleader, the mind quickly thinks of heading to the nearest fallout shelter to usurp the end of the world. 

Get your provisions ready, because that is exactly what may have happened. 

Big Lead Sports spots quite the fanciful tale over at College Cheerleader Heaven, a place I assume is more a haven for those who enjoy cheerleaders than it is for any on an actual spirit squad.

I will go ahead and include the write-up because, well, it's awesome. 

I stumbled upon a potential landmine in the college football cheerleading world. We're talking scandal of the ages, folks! We've got a Florida State cheerleader that dates a Florida Gator football player: former walk-on RB Scott Peek. How the hell do they let this happen in Tallahassee? Is there not a screening process for this kind of thing? Jimbo Fisher cannot be happy about this. Hell, I'm not sure Will Muschamp didn't plant Melissa on the squad in an attempt to gain some sort of advantage on the field.

The report goes on to say Melissa is hot so, like, whatevs and stuff. 

Here is some pictorial evidence for those who like that sort of thing. 

As for us, we need there to be a complete stop to the season with a full investigation taking place in what may be the greatest scandal since Romeo dated Juliet. 

And we all know how that ended. 

Big Lead Sports does well to inform that Peek is a redshirt senior and recorded two tackles during his career. 

This story is even more hilarious when you consider Florida took the grudge match this past weekend against Florida State, 37-26. 

Something tells me there is going to be a great deal of emoting taking place all over the Internet over a story like this. 

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