10 Craziest Perks in Contracts of College Football Coaches

Carl Stine@@CFBAllDayCorrespondent INovember 28, 2012

10 Craziest Perks in Contracts of College Football Coaches

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    Not many people get payed over $6 million over five years in their current job.

    As a matter of fact, only 34 percent of American households made more than $65,000 in 2008.

    One of the coaches on this list made that to leave his last job.

    Yes, the head coach of a major college football program should be properly compensated, but the 10 men on this list have fringe benefits that most of us can only dream about.

    The 10 guys on this list certainly do.

    On a side note, it's curious that no current head coach has a caviar pool with Jet Ski written into his contract.

    Apparently none of them are fast like D-Rose.

    Credit for information about these contracts to this USA Today article.

10. Nick Saban, Alabama

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    Nick Saban is the best head coach in college football.

    The folks that developed his contract obviously agree.

    Many coaches have some kind of deal whereby they fly in a private airplane when they travel for recruiting or other university business.

    A few, such as Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian, even include the family everywhere they travel.

    But Saban takes it a step further.

    He receives 25 hours of flight time on a "non-commercial airline airplane" per season for "personal, non-business travel."

    On the flip side, he cannot roll over unused hours, poor guy.

9. Jimbo Fisher, Florida State

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    Jimbo Fisher is authorized by Florida State to run an annual football summer camp.

    The program has also graciously agreed to allow Fisher to keep all profits after expenses are paid.

    The kicker is this: Fisher is reimbursed by the program for expenses that are directly related to the camp.

    Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, but Fisher definitely deserves it, he's an excellent coach.

8. Mike Riley, Oregon State

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    Mike Riley has an interesting deal.

    He receives 25 percent of all revenue from season tickets sold over 23,000.

    In 2010, that was a record-high 26,600.

    So if fans buy season tickets, Riley prospers, and when he encourages team support, he might have a hidden agenda.

7. Les Miles, LSU

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    Les Miles has some pretty hefty incentive to win the BCS title game.

    If LSU wins, he receives a $200,000 bonus, and his compensation for that year will be adjusted to be $1,000 more than the highest paid coach in the SEC.

    On top of all that, if LSU elects to let the Mad Hatter go before December 31 of this season, he will be owed $18.75 million by the program.

    That's stupid money.

    Miles is an excellent coach, and deserving of a very large contract, this part of his contract, however, seems to be a little excessive.

6. Norm Chow, Hawaii

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    Hawaii takes winning to another level for its current head coach, Norm Chow.

    Chow receives a $25,000 bonus for every home game the Warriors win that is on national television and $40,000 for every road game.

    He had two attempts at home this season and four on the road.

    Thus far, it's not appearing as if he will get a bonus this season, as Hawaii is 2-9 with only one game remaining.

    Still that's a pretty solid incentive.

5. Troy Calhoun, Air Force/Rich Ellerson, Army

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    The Commander-in-Chief's Trophy is an annual award that is awarded to the winner of the annual series between Army, Navy and Air Force.

    Ellerson, as coach of Army and Calhoun, at Air Force, are competing for this trophy.

    In Calhoun's contract, he earns five percent of his annual contract for winning or retaining the Trophy.

    This season, that's $41,250.

    As for Ellerson, he gets $150,000 if the Black Knights beat both Navy and Air Force, or $50,000 for beating one of them.

    They have already beaten Air Force, so a win against Navy would provide him with a six-figure bonus.

    These academies are serious about that trophy.

4. Mike London, Virginia

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    London has done some great things for the Cavaliers, helping the team return to the postseason and compete in the 2011 ACC title race.

    The administration has given London a pretty wild deal, different from any other to be found in the country.

    He is due to receive a $750,000 bonus if he is the head coach of Virginia on January 15, 2015, and if he is let go without cause before that date, he will receive the bonus.

    But it's the other part of the deal that seems to take the cake.

    London receives yearly tickets to the ACC men's basketball tournament.

    Free tickets to the premier conference basketball tournament, regardless of who wins the tournament, seems like reasonable compensation for a basketball fan.

3. Dana Holgorsen, West Virginia

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    You wonder why West Virginia is so offense-oriented.

    You wonder why they sometimes appear to not care about defense at all.

    Here is your answer:

    Dana Holgorsen is to receive $50,000 if the 'Eers finish in first in total offense in the FBS and $25,000 if they finish between second and fifth.

    Currently, the Mountaineers are 11th in total offense with 508.6 yards per game.

    Defense is apparently only an afterthought, as evidenced by WVU's ranking of 120th out of 124 teams in total defense.

2. Charlie Weis, Kansas

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    Charlie Weis is raking in the dough.

    As part of his termination for getting sacked at Notre Dame, he is receiving a grand total of $6,638,403.

    That's right, upward of $6.5 million to leave.

    That includes $2,054,074 in 2010, and payments will continue through 2015.

    That's on top of his already lucrative contract with Kansas.

1. Dave Christensen, Wyoming

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    This is the best one of all and really reflects where Wyoming's administration is focused.

    Christensen can earn an extra incentive at the end of the season based on the team's average grade-point average.

    He receives $25,000 for the first tier, if average is 2.80 or above, $15,000 if average is between 2.79 and 2.60, and $7,500 if between 2.40 and 2.59.

    Apparently he has not received the memo that recruiting means being able to tell a prospective player he does not have to focus on schoolwork.