Boise State Football: 7 Things Broncos Fans Can Be Thankful for

Martin Sondermann@@GamedayreporterAnalyst IINovember 22, 2012

Boise State Football: 7 Things Broncos Fans Can Be Thankful for

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    Boise State football has become well known in the college football universe. For fans of the Broncos it has certainly been an incredible upward journey complete with dramatic wins, heartbreaking losses and ground breaking, ceiling crashing, old fashioned underdog heroics.

    The team from Boise, Idaho has become famous for trick plays, BCS busting and the now infamous blue turf that true fans love, opponents detest and critics mock.

    When you look all around the landscape of college football there are many programs that are easily overlooked and ignored. That isn't the story of Boise State.

    Boise State has one of the most successful football programs in the country, and it is something true fans of the Broncos can be thankful for.

    On that note, let's look at seven things Bronco Nation can add to their list of being thankful for this holiday season.

The Blue

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    When the blue turf of Bronco Stadium was installed in 1986, it probably was looked at as just a gimmick. Well, over a quarter of a century later, it seems like the gimmick worked.

    Boise State has become well known for many reasons, and the blue turf is right up there at the top of the list. It is a highly recognizable trademark of the Broncos and has created many conversation and legends.

    For instance, there is the duck legend. Some say that ducks will mistake the blue football field for water and plummet headlong into the field resulting in their untimely death. However, there is absolutely no truth to this.

    Think about it. Does anyone really believe a duck doesn't know what real water looks like? Still, there have been some Ducks who have been defeated on the blue, but that is a different story.

The Winning

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    The numbers are gaudy. They don't seem real. They seem like something you would see on a video game. In the decade of the 2000's, Boise State was tops in the nation when it came to winning.

    From 2000-2009 BSU had a record of 112-17, good for a .868 winning percentage. 

    Since Chris Petersen took over as head coach in 2006, it's gotten even better. Petersen has an overall record of 82-8, which equates to an absolutely mind blowing .911 winning percentage. 

    Add two Fiesta Bowl victories, and Boise State fans have experienced more winning than any other fanbase in the FBS since 2000. That is definitely something to be thankful for.

The Big Games

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    The Fiesta Bowl versus Oklahoma was huge. It was the equivalent to an earthquake in the college football landscape. That game trumpeted Boise State as a true contender and forever changed Bronco Nation. However, it wouldn't be the last big win for the Broncos.

    Beating TCU in a Fiesta Bowl, Oregon in Eugene, Oregon in Boise, Virginia Tech on the road and Georgia in the Georgia Dome were all impressive, and each game was in front of a fairly large national audience.

    The "Big Game" has become a trademark for Chris Petersen and his team, and it is certainly something for Boise State fans to be thankful for.

The Current President Bob Kustra

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    Boise State University President Bob Kustra is a wonderful asset for the school and the community of Boise. His vision of transforming Boise State into a metropolitan research university of distinction has seen much progress, and he has utilized the success of the football program to help achieve those goals.

    He was instrumental in keeping Chris Petersen as head coach of the Broncos and has continued to act in the school's best interest in the ocean of conference craziness.

The Players

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    Boise State fans can be so very thankful for the players that make the Broncos football program so special.

    Give a lot of credit to the current and former coaching staffs who have done a great job of recruiting good young men, not just excellent athletes.

    The list of incredible players that Boise State fans can be thankful for is long, and to try to name them all would be improbable.

Bronco Nation Fans

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    Boise State fans can be thankful for other Boise State fans. Together, the cumulative group makes up a key part of Bronco Nation.

    The cast of characters that show up to games, post on boards, write blogs, buy the merchandise and support the school and the team, is ever growing, loyal and second-to-none.

The Coach

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    Chris Petersen is the most successful coach in Boise State history. He is also one of the most loyal and has helped to elevate Bronco Nation to unbelievable levels.

    Every year rumors of his departure surface, and every year Chris Petersen remains. It is very nice to see in this age of chasing the numbers that Petersen has decided to stay put and build something special.

    There is a century-old story of a man who dreamed of getting rich mining diamonds. The tale was recounted by Temple University's first President, Dr. Russell Herman Conwell, in his address called "Acres of Diamonds."

    The story in a nutshell is about a man who sold his farm in hopes of using the money to look for diamonds all over his country. He traveled high and low, but found nothing but frustration. He used up both his money and his strength and died a poor man.

    Years later, or as the story goes, the man who bought the farm from the first man, discovered a diamond among the dirt. It turns out the farm was home to one of the richest diamond mines ever found.

    The moral of the story is clear. A man doesn't have to chase treasure all over the country, he need only to look in his own back yard.

    Chris Petersen has decided to stay home and create something for himself, his players, his coaches, the school, the fans and all of Bronco Nation.

    It is something that fans of the Broncos can be truly thankful for.