What I Loved and Hated in College Football Week 12

Adam Kramer@kegsneggsNational College Football Lead WriterNovember 19, 2012

What I Loved and Hated in College Football Week 12

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    It’s the unexpected weekends that do the most damage. This might as well be written in the College Football Book of Fandom, right above “Don’t Run Out of Beer Before Noon” and directly below “Bring Enough Meat and Don’t Forget Your Heartburn Meds." 

    Week 12 didn’t look like much on paper, but you might as well take that same piece of paper and light it on fire. It never plays to form, but this weekend truly showcased just how beautiful (unless you support cats and ducks) this game can be.

    Down go Oregon and Kansas State, and your dream of an all-SEC championship game is suddenly very real once again. That is your dream all over again, yes?

    Just making sure.

    You probably saw the chaos, but there’s a good chance you missed some fascinating tidbits with the madness that ensued. Here’s what we loved and hated in Week 12.

LOVED: Lee Corso, for Proving Once Again He's One-of-a-Kind

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    Let me start by saying this: By no means am I endorsing what Lee Corso said, so take note. I don’t LOVE or agree with the statement itself, which is exactly what my attorney told me to write so I am writing it. I do love the man, though.

    Now, with that out of the way, Lee Corso told a five-year-old child, “Not so fast, midget!” during the pick portion of ESPN's College GameDay. The entire crew was, well, somewhat stunned and speechless, which you can understand.

    That child—guest picker Braden Pape, who was awesome, I might add—didn’t seem to mind one bit. And as we are all very aware, Lee Corso has said worse on live television. MUCH worse.

    College football’s ultimate wild card. He always keeps us on our toes.

HATED: Virginia Tech’s Helmets

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    Hate is such a strong word for a helmet involving a giant cartoon-like bird, so allow me to explain.

    Although I enjoy the placement of said bird and the fact that his bicep (and this Hokie has a bicep) is artistically worked around the earhole, this particular design just doesn’t do it for me.

    It’s like they had a “Draw our Helmet” contest at a local junior high, and they decided to take the fourth-place design. Why, you ask? That’s a great question.

    Also, he could look a whole lot meaner. That’s not a nasty, intimidating bird, it’s more of a bird that only lifts biceps, chest and calves at the gym and says “bro” a lot.

LOVED: Les Miles' Most Les Miles Moment Ever

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    By now, you've probably seen this multiple times, but it doesn't matter. It has to be included in this week's Love/Hate, and you should watch it again, and again.

    I'm rarely at a loss for words, but I was following Les Miles' press conference following his team's exciting win against Ole Miss.

    I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that you've heard Miles be wacky before and it'll just be more of the same. Well, you're wrong.

    That's it, I will say no more. Because no matter what I say, it won't accurately sum up this video above.

    Oh, and watch it in GIF form as well, which might be even better. 

LOVED: Air Force Not Throwing the Ball… at ALL

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    If you bet the Air Force would throw at least one pass in their game against Hawaii, I’m sorry, you lose. No, really. PAY UP.

    On Friday night, Air Force beat Hawaii 21-7 to become bowl eligible and they did so without throwing a single pass—not one, no incompletions, zero attempts. Don’t believe me? Check out the box score.

    It’s the first time it’s happened since Navy-Wake Forest in 2009 and it is also pretty hilarious unless your Norm Chow. Also hilarious: Hawaii did not have a first down in the second half.

    In the not-so-hilarious file, I watched this entire game. What the hell is wrong with me?

HATED: How Easy Stefon Diggs Makes This Catch Look

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    In not-so-breaking news, it hasn’t been a pretty season at Maryland.

    When ACL injuries are an overwhelming story for your season, that’s never a good thing. And while Randy Edsall’s “dream job” has been far from it, he might have a dream talent on his hands.

    Freshman wideout Stefon Diggs has made quite the impression in his first season of college ball, and he only added to it with this ridiculous catch against Florida State. Yes, the team was blown out and he was pretty much the only offense they had, but this is a beauty that he pulls off with relative ease.

HATED: Johnny Manziel’s Kicking, Yes Kicking, Woes

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    Johnny Manziel is human, no matter what your friends tell you. OK, he might be a robot, but they missed out on some programing if that's the case.

    We learned this on Saturday as Texas A&M cruised against Sam Houston State. Following a long touchdown pass to Uzoma Nwachukwu, Texas A&M went to kick the extra point. Although this typically wouldn't generate much interest, the kicker on this play happened to be the new Heisman favorite.

    Unfortunately, however, Manziel's kicking game isn't nearly as good as his quarterbacking skills. Wait, maybe this is a good thing? Either way, this was not his best moment.

    Johnny Football is NOT Johnny Futbol.

LOVED: Utah's Fake Field Goal

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    Now this is how you fake a field goal. Take note: Teams will try this in the future and undoubtedly fail miserably trying.

    Utah ended up losing this game, but they looked sharp doing it. They broke out some stylish deception in special teams, which would also be a great hipster band name. Seriously, it’s mine.

    Although we’ve seen plenty of creative fakes over the years, the through-the-legs pitch to Coleman Petersen is very solid. Any play that looks like it’s been drawn up at on a cocktail napkin after-hours is just fine in my book.

HATED: That My Mascot Isn’t as Cool as Oregon’s

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    It was a rough weekend for Oregon on the field and in the air. Yes, Puddles—Oregon’s wonderful mascot—lost his headgear while jumping out of a plane.

    Of course he did.

    GameDay host Chris Fowler passed along this wonderful tweet, alerting the masses that Puddles had lost is headgear in a skydiving incident. He then clarified that it was eventually found and that it was only the third-string headgear.

    Yes, such things exist, and our mascots would never possibly be this awesome. Little did we know this was one giant foreshadow.