College Football: 10 QBs Who Are in the Wrong System

Joe PenkalaCorrespondent INovember 15, 2012

College Football: 10 QBs Who Are in the Wrong System

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    When you look around the country, you can tell that some quarterbacks are in the ideal offense for their talents. The scheme and plays that they have been put into play to their strengths and allow them to do what they do best.

    On the other hand, you can also see some quarterbacks struggling and in large part due to the system that they are in. You can tell that the system is just not fitting with their style of play.

    Here is a look at 10 quarterbacks that are in the wrong kind of system for their talents. 

Keith Price

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    Seems as if Keith Price is at his best when he is in space and is being creative as he makes a play. In the Washington offense, the Huskies play more of a pro-style type of offense which really can limit Price at times.

    With the skill set that Price has, the Huskies should allow him to open things up a bit more and allow him to use his athleticism to make plays. 

Sean Schroeder

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    Hawaii is used to having quarterbacks come into the offense and throw the ball all over the field. Fans on the island have been treated to big numbers and a lot of points.

    This year, Sean Schroeder has been at the helm but has not been able to put up the numbers that this offense is accustomed to. Based on the struggle the Warriors have had, something needs to change. 

Denard Robinson

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    Since Brady Hoke took over at Michigan, you could tell that he was going to try and reestablish the Michigan offense of old, but he still had a talented Denard Robinson at quarterback.

    Instead of completely abandoning the spread, Hoke has mixed in some packages to utilize Robinson's ability to make plays with his legs, but he has also tried to use Robinson as more of a passing quarterback which hasn't suited his style. 

Everett Golson

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    Sure, he is only a freshman, but Everett Golson is one of the young stars in college football and could be a force for years to come.

    While Notre Dame is certainly having no issues this year as it is currently undefeated, the offense has struggled at times, and I believe that is largely due to the fact that Brian Kelly hasn't spread the offense wide open and let his playmaker make plays.

    Granted Golson has made some mistakes and had issues with ball control, but Kelly needs to open things up and let him make plays. 

Zach Mettenberger

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    Now the issues with Zach Mettenberger aren't that he necessarily is in the wrong system, it is that he is not being used to his fullest potential.

    While LSU likes to control the line of scrimmage and pound the ball, the Tigers need to more effectively use Mettenberger's skills and allow him to air out the ball a bit more. 

Tyler Wilson

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    You have to feel bad for Tyler Wilson this season. After a great year in 2011, Wilson came back for his final season and has watched everything fall completely apart.

    While the scheme and system hasn't changed much, Wilson has been on a sinking ship, and after he passed up on the NFL last year, you would have liked to have seen him in a different system.

Mike Glennon

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    Mike Glennon is a kid with a big arm but rarely gets to show it off at NC State. While Glennon has been able to put up good numbers over the past couple of years, things could have been better.

    While the traditional spread wouldn't work for him, putting him in the shotgun formation and spreading the field would allow him to show off his arm and put up even bigger numbers.

Munchie Legaux

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    While Cincinnati does run a lot of the spread offense elements, Munchie Legaux has the ability to be a game-changer and truly compete with Teddy Bridgewater as the best quarterback in the Big East. 

    Legaux may not have top-end speed, but if given the chance to run with the ball more, he could make people miss and put together some big plays. 

Joe Southwick

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    Another team that is used to putting up big numbers through the air is Boise State. The Broncos knew that by losing Kellen Moore to graduation that the offense would take a step back, but you can tell that even at the end of the year, Joe Southwick is not comfortable in the offense.

    With the inability to find some consistency offensively, Chris Petersen may want to rethink the system he has Southwick in. 

Matt Barkley

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    Matt Barkley has had great success at USC. In the pro-style offense, Barkley has been able to put up big numbers and make himself and his receivers look really good.

    While Barkley has accomplished a lot, his being on this list is more about what could have been. Can you imagine Barkley in an offense like the air raid? Spreading out five receivers almost every down and letting him go to work would simply be frighting.