Texas A&M Fan Makes Good on Wager with Butt Tattoo

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Texas A&M Fan Makes Good on Wager with Butt Tattoo
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The SEC is always good for some hilarious fanaticism. The latest is a wonderful wager that ended up with one Texas A&M fan getting a tattoo that will serve as a reminder of his team's victory over Alabama. 

The SEC can never do things on a small scale, which seems to spill over onto the beautiful bets fans have between one another. 

When Texas A&M came into the conference, it was only a matter of time before we had someone ruining its skin because of a football game. 

Outkick the Coverage reports one Aggies fan won a game but lost a bet, mandating he get a tattoo on his butt.

It will all make sense in a second. 

This is a story about a man named Calvin N., a senior who apparently hates tattoos and is also majoring in business at Texas A&M. 

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At the start of the season, Calvin was doubtful the Aggies would make any noise in the SEC, so much so that he decided to make a friendly wager with his roommates. Per the report:

So he bet his roommates that the Aggies would lose at Alabama. Their bet? The roommates put up $100 if Bama won and Calvin promised that if A&M beat Bama, "I'd get a tattoo of the score on my ass."

Recent history tells us that Johnny Football and the rest of his Aggies compatriots took down the former No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide on Saturday, 29-24. 

Per the report, a call came into Calvin right after the game was over. Being a stand-up kind of guy whose only faults seem to be making stupid bets, he went with his buddies to a near-by tattoo parlor. 

Just before walking in the door, Calvin's phone rang again. It was his dad, also an Aggie grad, wanting to chat about the big win. Calvin's response? "I can't talk right now, Dad, I'm about to get a tattoo."

Photo Credit: Outkick the Coverage

Inside the tattoo parlor Calvin drew up what he wanted the tattoo to say -- "I put the apostrophe in the wrong place. That's my only regret." -- dropped his pants, and waited for the needle to meet his right butt check.

Next stop is Internet fame, because Calvin's butt tat is ubiquitous around college football circles. The report states Calvin carries a 3.6 GPA into the final leg of his college tenure, but he wonders how the mark will fare with potential employers. 

If they are Aggies fans, I would say very well. 

Never doubt the team you love, because it may just prove successful, and then you'll have a permanent tattoo to show for it. 

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