Drunk Texas A&M Fan Rocking Johnny Football Shirt Arrested After Starting Fight

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 13, 2012

Everybody loves Johnny Football, even drunk guys who can't get on a simple airplane without starting a fight and getting arrested. 

Specific? Yes, but you will see one end of the spectrum of fans who absolutely adore the Texas A&M freshman quarterback, Johnny Manziel. 

First off, here is the video of some guy who seems to be drunk, picking a fight with a patron in a airport. The fight seems to take place between two guys who have never actually been in a fight. Still, there may be some audible NSFW language at the 1:03 mark

That concludes your humanity may not be worth saving update. 

On initial review of this brief moment, you could say the guy wearing the Johnny Football shirt was at fault. I mean, he immediately puts his arms behind his back at the :47 second mark like he knows the drill. 

Well, we may have some closure on this one. 

A tip of the hat to Friends of the Program who spotted the video over at Reddit, a site that actually may have something of an update for us from someone in the comments section. 

The comment on Reddit comes from a bystander who is just waiting for a Southwest flight from New Orleans to Houston when he sees this brouhaha. 

They state the Johnny Football fan was so drunk he was asked not to board the plane, and that's when he became irate, got mouthy with the attendant and dropped trail mix on the floor.

We let the commenter take it away from there. 

The black guy was waiting at the ticket counter stood up for the ticket attendant and told Johnny F'in Football to calm down. He then redirected his anger at the black guy, started dropping n-bombs and even made a comment about picking cotton.

Fisticuffs ensued and after about 30 secs Paul Blart showed up on a segway. Luckily it was caught on video because the Johnny Football guy lied to the cops initially and said the black guy started it - upon reviewing the video evidence the black guy was exonerated and allowed the board the flight.

The clapping you hear at the end of the video is indeed for the hero of the day who stood up for the flight attendant. 

Now we have to say there are fans of Johnny Manziel out there who are kind and decent human beings, some really great people you would be proud to call your friends. 

Everything has polar opposites and this Johnny Football fan would be the Aggies'. Feel free to deny you know him, Texas A&M fans. 

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