College Football Rankings 2012: Biggest Losers from Week 12

Dan WilkinsCorrespondent IINovember 12, 2012

STANFORD, CA - NOVEMBER 10: Zach Ertz #86 of the Stanford Cardinal is congratulated by teammates after he scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter of their game against the Oregon State Beavers at Stanford Stadium on November 10, 2012 in Stanford, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

In week 12 of the College Football season, we saw possibly the most significant and unexpected turnover of the BCS Rankings, much of which was thanks to Alabama's loss to Texas A&M.

There are several teams that took the biggest of hits this week, both directly and indirectly. Here are the biggest losers of Week 12, via the BCS Standings.



The Georgia Bulldogs have to be considered the No. 1 losers from the Week 12 BCS Rankings, and it could very impact the rest of their season.

Following Alabama's home field loss to Texas A&M, they fell to the No. 4 spot in the rankings. Despite the Bulldogs laying a 38-0 beating on Auburn in the very same week, they remained in the same No. 5 spot they began in.

Assuming Alabama were to beat Georgia in the SEC Championship game, that could very well knock them out of the BCS picture all together. 

If nothing else, Georgia can use this snub of sorts for just a little bit more motivation in that game, with the chance to pull of the upset, and show why they can be a better team than the yearly national favorite Crimson Tide.


Notre Dame



With this week's rankings shaking out with undefeated Notre Dame at the No. 3 spot, the Fighting Irish will need help if they have any hopes of playing for the National Championship game. 

With Kansas State and Oregon ahead of them, and both teams having a good chance to win out the rest of the season, it could very well rule out that possibility for Notre Dame.

They remain a virtual lock for a another BCS Bowl, but it is the Title game that is seeming more and more unlikely for the Fighting Irish.



 After beating 11th-ranked Oregon State, Stanford jumped just one spot from 14th to 13th. Because of that minimal rise in the rankings, and a game remaining against Oregon, Stanford can very easily fall out of BCS Bowl contention if it has not already.

With the Nation's best run defense, Stanford does stand a chance of a late season upset, but the possibility remains unlikely.

To get back into BCS contention, and give the Rose Bowl a Pac-12 team, the Stanford Cardinals need to win out.




Based on the outcome of both games and the resultant rankings in Week 12, it is these three teams that are hurt the most. 


Every week, it seems as though there are a few games that completely affect the standings not only at the present time, but into the future as well. With still two weeks remaining, anything could happen, possibly giving us a quite different BCS picture than we see right now.


BCS Standings
1. Kansas State
2. Oregon
3. Notre Dame
4. Alabama
5. Georgia
6. Florida
7. LSU
8. Texas A&M
9. South Carolina
10. Florida State
11. Clemson
12. Oklahoma
13. Stanford
14. Nebraska
15. Texas
16. Oregon State
17. UCLA
18. USC
19. Louisville
20. Louisiana Tech
21. Michigan
22. Rutgers
23. Texas Tech
24. Oklahoma State
25. Washington