College Football Rankings 2012 Week 12: Teams Overrated by BCS Computers

David DanielsSenior Writer INovember 12, 2012

SOUTH BEND, IN - NOVEMBER 03:  T.J. Jones #7 of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish pulls off his helmut as he leaves the field against the Pittsburgh Panthers at Notre Dame Stadium on November 3, 2012 in South Bend, Indiana. Notre Dame defeated Pittsburgh 29-26 in triple overtime.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

College football would be chaos without human voting.

If you think the BCS is a joke now, just imagine the 2012 Week 12 rankings with just computers.

Actually, I’ll help you out.

Here are the teams that, if it weren’t for the Harris and USA Today polls, would be outrageously overrated in the standings (via ESPN).


4. Oregon State

The Beavers are just 1-2 against teams that are currently ranked in the Top 25. Despite that fact, their average computer ranking sees them slotted as the 12th best team in the nation.

Thank goodness the human polls are there to knock them back down to where they belong at No. 16.


3. Michigan

Michigan’s victory over No. 24 Northwestern impressed the computers so much that they believe the Wolverines are the 16th best team in the country.

No, folks, that isn’t a joke. According to the computer rankings, 7-3 Michigan boasts a better resume than 9-1 Florida State, whose lone loss was by a single point.


2. Notre Dame

According to four out of the six computer rankings, Notre Dame is the best team in the nation. Yes, the same Notre Dame that controversially escaped against Stanford and needed three overtimes to defeat Pittsburgh.

While the Fighting Irish only average a two-score-margin of victory over their opponents, Kansas State and Oregon’s triumphs typically come by four scores.


1. Florida

The Gators are better than Oregon and Alabama. Don’t riot against me—I’m just the messenger. That ludicrous statement is exactly what the computer rankings would lead you to believe.

Florida barely made it out alive at home vs. Louisiana-Lafayette. It only won 27-20.

Sure, the Gators’ resume is impressive, but no one in their right mind would claim that they’re better than the Ducks or the Crimson Tide. Far more times than not, these teams flat-out dominate their opponents.


 1. Kansas State
 2. Oregon
 3. Notre Dame
 4. Alabama
 5. Georgia
 6. Florida
 7. LSU
 8. Texas A&M
 9. South Carolina
 10. Florida State
 11. Clemson
 12. Oklahoma 
 13. Stanford
 14. Nebraska
 15. Texas
 16. Oregon State
 17. UCLA
 18. USC
 19. Louisville
 20. Louisiana Tech
 21. Michigan
 22. Rutgers
 23. Texas Tech
 24. Oklahoma State
 25. Washington


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