What I Loved and Hated in College Football Week 11

Adam KramerNational College Football Lead WriterNovember 11, 2012

What I Loved and Hated in College Football Week 11

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    Sometimes the chaos finds you. That was the theme in Week 11 of the college football season, and the chaos showed up at our door with a six-pack of Heineken and some Cuban cigars that weren't actually Cubans.

    Although the slate of games didn’t jump off the page heading into Saturday, this was a week we'll be thinking about for quite some time. Unless you’re an Alabama fan, then this whole weekend was one giant “did that actually happen?” moment that is already long forgotten.

    Oh, I know those moments, and they typically go well with Bloody Marys at inappropriate times.

    Take note, Tuscaloosa.

    As for what else you might have missed, the chaos wasn’t limited to one game. We saw coaches likely solidify their pink slip—looking in your direction, Tennessee, Auburn and Cal—and a handful of bizarre plays and moments that are worthy of your utmost attention.

    Let’s take a look, shall we? Here is all the Love/Hate from Week 11.

LOVED: The Longhorn's Wishbone Tribute

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    My favorite play of the weekend, and it wasn't even close.

    Following the passing of former Texas coach/offensive mastermind Darrel Royal, Mack Brown promised that Texas would run their first play out of the wishbone formation—a Royal staple—in their game against Iowa State.

    Oh, they did that and then some. Quarterback David Ash pitched the ball to wideout Jaxon Shipley who then tossed the ball back to Ash. Ash then hit tight end Greg Daniels with a 47-yard deep ball.

    It was a beautiful play and an even better tribute. Also, we won’t complain if you run for wishbone, Texas. Go right ahead.

HATED: To Be a Headset Around Tommy Tuberville

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    What exactly was Tommy Tuberville doing to graduate assistant coach Kevin Oliver? Well, according to him, not much.

    Coach Tubs says he was only trying to pull the head coach off the field, although the video says it was a bit more than that. You've probably done a similar maneuver when your buddy hogged the Xbox for a little too long.

    If he was indeed simply trying to pull him off, well, then his form to do so was rather poor.

    Either way, he was not happy on the sideline during his team’s near-loss to Kansas, and this headset paid the price. We apologize for all headsets watching that may have been offended by the video above.

LOVED: Marqise Lee, Again and Always

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    Although USC’s season has not gone as planned, Trojans wideout Marqise Lee is putting together one of the best seasons we’ve seen out of a wide receiver in recent memory.

    Quite simply, he is just so much fun to watch, and is likely to score anytime he touches the ball.

    Lee finished the game against Arizona State with 10 catches for 161 yards and a score (pretty much average for him these days) but he also fired off this magnificent run that appeared doomed out of the gate.

    From loss to 38-yard gain, this is some wonderful football wizardry here.

HATED: To Lose a Game on a Blocked Punt

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    Oh, if you're a fan of UL-Lafayette, this one had to sting. In fact, turn away.

    "Sting" doesn't quite encompass the kind of disappointment that comes with losing a game on a blocked punt, which is pretty much the most 2012 Florida Gators thing ever.

    It's one thing to have a punt blocked and returned for a score. It's another when you're in a tie game with only 11 seconds left, and this punt is blocked and run back for a touchdown the other way as the clock winds down.

    The Gators have gotten pretty good at doing these kinds of things, although this adds a new layer of beauty to winning ugly. Yes, ugly can be beautiful. This is exactly that.

LOVED: Johnny Football Being… Johnny Football

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    We’re running out of things to say about Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel, which is terrifying because he just completed his tenth collegiate game. Something tells me we’ll continue to mention his name this year, next year and beyond. Call it a hunch.

    You could accurately sum up Manziel’s deadliness in this one play, however, and that play came against Goliath, a.k.a. Alabama, in their own building.

    Manziel bounced off his teammate, fumbled, caught the fumble, escaped, and still managed to find his target in the end zone.

    DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. You will pull something and/or throw an interception.

HATED: This Call, and HATED Doesn't Quite Suffice

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    Why have replay if you don’t know how to use it? This is what I asked myself while watching Penn State end up on the wrong end of a video replay.

    Playing in the fourth quarter and down 27-23 against Nebraska, tight end Matt Lehman stretched for the goal line and fumbled just as he crossed it. The ruling was that he fumbled, although the replay showed the ball crossed the goal line before it began moving. 

    After looking it over, the officials ruled this play as a fumble because that's what they do. They didn’t overturn it—despite having this video evidence to do just that—and Penn State went on to lose.

    I just don’t get it. Bad call, bad review, bad, well, just bad.

LOVED: South Carolina's Band Showing Lattimore Some Love

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    Although we’re now a few weeks removed from Marcus Lattimore’s gruesome knee injury, South Carolina still showed some love for their running back on Saturday during halftime.

    The band took to the field during the intermission and positioned themselves into making “We Lattimore’s number, and this was a wonderful gesture by the school and the band. 

    We also love Twenty-One, and we wish him well on the road to recovery.

HATED: To See the Auburn Student Section so Empty

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    This was the scene at Auburn as the second half was getting underway against Georgia. This particular photo focused in on the student section, which was actually more like a bunch of benches hanging out, talking about what benches talk about when someone isn't sitting on them.

    Yes, empty stadiums have become a fixture in the Love/Hate, although this is an instance where you can't possibly bash students that found the exit early.

    Sit around and watch 30 minutes of, well, more of what you just watched, or go to a bar, any bar, and drown those pigskin sorrows?

    I choose...bar.