9 Ways Robert Nkemdiche Decommitting from Clemson Impacts Everyone

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst INovember 8, 2012

9 Ways Robert Nkemdiche Decommitting from Clemson Impacts Everyone

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    Will Hammock of the Gwinnett Daily Post, citing information from Grayson High School head football coach Mickey Conn, is reporting that the nation's No. 1 prospect for 2013 college football recruiting, Robert Nkemdiche, has decommitted from Clemson.

    Speculation had ran amok about a possible decommitment from Clemson ever since Nkemdiche pledged to Dabo Swinney earlier this year. Today that speculation turned to fact, as Nkemdiche has re-opened up his recruitment.

    Come inside, as I will give you nine reasons how this huge decommitment impacts all of us.

The College Football Recruiting Lanscape Is on Hold

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    Nkemdiche has top-tier programs like Alabama, LSU, Florida, Oregon, Clemson and Ole Miss in the palm of his hand, per the Daily Gwinnett Post..

    Coaches from all of these programs may start to put more focus on recruiting him, and thus a little less focus on other second-tier prospects needed to shore up their recruiting classes.

    If they strike out on Nkemdiche, they could also lose other prospects from the lack of attention in prioritizing Nkemdiche's recruitment over theirs.

    If you're a fan of one of the favorites for Nkemdiche, or even Georgia for that matter, then you are affected by this decommitment.

Now Speculation and Attention Turns to Where Nkemdiche Will End Up

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    Nkemdiche kept saying he was solid to Clemson, but now he's a back on the market.

    Now that the best prospect in the country is up for grabs, we all have to deal with hearing crazy rumors as to where he's going.

    Conn states to the Daily Gwinnet Post that Nkemdiche is still interested in Clemson, but Ole Miss, Alabama, Florida, LSU and Oregon are also favorites.

    Get ready to hear the wildest rumors and ideas from fans and observers from all six programs. 

Impacts Recruiting Rankings: Clemson

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    Clemson now surely will drop in my recruiting class rankings, as well as on several others' boards.

    They have a good overall class, but when you have the top player in the country, that's a huge boost.

    With every drop in the rankings comes shuffling at other notches on the board.

    So there will be some movement in my next recruiting class rankings, and your favorite program may be moved up or down. 

Alabama's Role in All of This

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    'Bama is a major player once again for Nkemdiche. I think the Crimson Tide and Ole Miss are the preferred schools of Robert's mother.

    With Alabama making a big impression on her, the folks in Tuscaloosa will certainly put the press on the big DE prospect.

    And if they land him, then that surely would give Alabama the No. 1 recruiting class for the second consecutive year.

Then Comes the Thought of Other Possible Decommits from Clemson

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    Nkemdiche has three high school teammates who are some of his closest friends, all of them committed to Clemson.

    With Wayne Gallman and David Kamara pledged to the Tigers, and former high-school teammate Nick Schuessler transferring to Clemson, Dabo Swinney may not be losing just one commitment.

    If Gallman and Kamara decommit from Clemson, then they could be set to join Nkemdiche wherever he decides to go, a three-man package deal yet again. 

Who Would Join Him at Ole Miss?

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    The Rebels have done a great job of big-game hunting this year, showing that they will be going after high-profile prospects every recruiting cycle for as long as Hugh Freeze is in Oxford.

    They've stayed very hard on Nkemdiche and have a great chance to land him. So who could potentially join Nkemdiche?

    Well for starters, I think safety Antonio Conner would. Then who knows, maybe Laremy Tunsil gives the Rebels another hard look. Kailo Moore could make his flirting with Ole Miss official, Laquon Treadwell could choose Ole Miss, and so could Derrick Green.

    That's five elite talents with the potential to join Nkemdiche, should he choose Ole Miss. 

The BCS National Championship Game Could Decide Who Gets Nkemdiche

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    Think about it folks: Alabama and Oregon could very well be our two teams in the title game this year, and both have been mentioned by Nkemdiche's coach among the DE's top schools.

    Oregon could sway Nkemdiche to visit Eugene, and we all know the Ducks put on a great recruiting visit. Their facilities are excellent, and Eugene is said to be an impressive, college-type of town.

    Alabama was thought to be the leader for Nkemdiche before he committed to Clemson, and now are back in the race, even impressing Nkemdiche's mother, per BamaHammer.com.

    Could the BCS title game be the Robert Nkemdiche Bowl?

You'll Also Have to Deal with Decision-Time Rumors from Now On, Too

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    Nkemdiche is free to make his decision at anytime, and to much dismay, many rumors will start to fly about how he is going to commit today, tomorrow, this weekend, next month and beyond.

    It's going to get annoying and even comical, so you as a recruiting fan must deal with all of that stuff now, too. 

    Nkemdiche's coach has already had to dismiss a rumor stating Nkemdiche is set to commit to Ole Miss soon, per the Daily Gwinnet Post

On the Bright Side: Now National Signing Day Will Have More Anticipation

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    With the trend of early commitments being prominent in college football recruiting, National Signing Day has lost some of it's luster and excitement.

    Coming into that day last year, most elite prospects had made their decisions, and so the day was mainly full of confirming that faxed LOIs had been sent. 

    This year will probably be different, as Nkemdiche's coach tells the Daily Gwinnet Post that he likely won't make a decision until National Signing Day. 

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