What I Loved and Hated in College Football Week 10

Adam Kramer@kegsneggsNational College Football Lead WriterNovember 5, 2012

What I Loved and Hated in College Football Week 10

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    Week 10 certainly had more bark than bite, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It made for superb entertainment, as Alabama and Notre Dame both mounted impressive comebacks to keep the BCS picture cluttered and confusing.

    We're pretty used to it by now.

    If all holds to form—and it rarely ever does—there are going to fan bases wanting to rip the heart out of a dying system. There's still plenty of time left for the madness to set in, and something tells me we'll see some bite soon enough.

    The action wasn't just popping off in Death Valley and South Bend; there were plenty of fascinating wins, upsets and key happenings elsewhere around the country.

    As for some of the items you might have missed including: Derek Dooley’s cane outburst, Cincinnati’s glorious trick play and some fine LSU trolling, here’s what I loved and hated in Week 10.

Loved: LSU's Successful GameDay Troll Attempt

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    While LSU fans probably don't want to speak of the events that transpired, kudos to the brave individual that threw a “Bama Sucks” pin on Lee Corso’s giant elephant head.

    It was small, subtle, and you weren’t quite sure what you were seeing, but this was indeed a solid, on-the-fly troll effort by someone on the GameDay set. I’m also surprised that this actually made it on the air, but I'm not complaining.

    We should also point out that Lee Corso went 10-0 with his picks. Not too shabby, Corso. Not too shabby at all.

Hated: To Be on Other End of This Stiff Arm

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    Have you ever played GameDay ’98 on Playstation? I certainly hope so.

    If you did, then you’ll recall just how punishing a stiff arm could be. The right timing on this could send pixelated tacklers flying across the screen, but that could never happen in real life. Right?


    Auburn linebacker Daren Bates brought video-game stiff arms to real life after recovering a New Mexico State fumble and housing this one in style. 

Loved: Kansas State’s Mascot Destroying Others (Again)

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    We should give out a Heisman to mascots. In fact, why aren’t we doing this?

    Anyway, for the second time this season, the Kansas State mascot absolutely unloaded on someone, providing yet another tackling clinic. 

    Earlier this year we saw Willie the Wildcat destroy some sort of Jayhawk, which was captured perfectly in this wonderful photo. On Saturday, however, it was Oklahoma State’s turn, and thankfully there is video this time around.

    Kids, if you’re going to begin tackling random kids on the playground or small plants situated around your house, this is how you do it.

Hated: More Empty Crowd Shots, Headlined by Kentucky

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    It was ugly in Miami, it was rough in Tennessee, and it was not pretty in Maryland. The worst of the worst when it came to empty stadium shots, however, came at Kentucky, and the photo you see here came during the National Anthem.

    No, that's not the state championship—that's a college football game. Actually, given the 40-0 loss at home to Vanderbilt, I'm not so sure what it was. I don't care how bad it is, though. It's Week 10 of the college football season and this magic will all be gone in a few weeks.

    Oh, basketball season. I will show myself out.

Loved: Cincinnati’s New Spin on the Jump Pass

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    This is the kind of play that gets called back at recess, and I’m somewhat surprised we haven’t seen it yet. Quite simply, this is all sorts of beautiful, and I want more.

    The Bearcats see your run-of-the-mill jump pass and raise you this: a running back taking the handoff and tossing this to a streaking tight end. That running back was George Winn and that tight end was Travis Kelce, and they came together to give us the most superbly creative play of the entire weekend.

    Next up, a lineman throwing it to another lineman for a touchdown. Please?

Hated: This Blatant Flop by Johnny Adams

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    Michigan State and Nebraska played a strange game filled with all sorts of questionable moments that are available on YouTube, but this one really stood out.

    Sparty defensive back Johnny Adams got tied up with Nebraska wideout Kenny Bell. After some back-and-forth, Adams went flying, gymnast-style, obviously looking for the flag.

    There are flops, and then there is this reaction.

    We’ve learned that Tom Izzo has since offered Adams a full scholarship. Be careful going to the hoop, Big Ten foes.

Loved: This TCU Trick Play in Crunch Time

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    The only thing better than a well-designed gadget play is a well-designed gadget play when the game is hanging in the balance. TCU delivered just that in its thrilling victory against West Virginia.

    Gary Patterson hates couches, apparently. 

    The Horned Frogs dialed up the ol’ reverse running back pass in double OT to tie the game—which really is a thing of beauty—and then responded by going for two, and getting it, to win this one.

    What a game, what a call. Excuse me, what "calls?" Also, what...well, never mind.

Hated: To Be Derek Dooley’s Poor Cane

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    This might just be one of my favorite images of the entire year, although you’ll likely be leaving right now if you’re rooting interests lie with the Tennessee Vols.

    That’s head coach Derek Dooley taking out his frustration on his poor walking device. Dooley, of course, is still recovering from a broken hip and is using this to make his way around the sideline. 

    On a side note, does anyone else think Dooley has a future as a golfer if this whole coaching thing doesn’t work out? Just look at that natural setup.