Power Ranking the 10 Most Obsessed Fanbases in College Football

Jonathan IrwinContributor IIOctober 31, 2012

Power Ranking the 10 Most Obsessed Fanbases in College Football

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    College football is generally believed to be the most beloved sport in the nation. As a result, every fan considers themselves to be the ultimate super fan.

    While I'm sure every fan has absolute love for their team, only a handful can truly be considered "obsessed."

    From the rainy Saturdays of Autzen Stadium to the national popularity of the Fighting Irish, here's 10 of the best—and most obsessed—fanbases in college football.

10. Wisconsin

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    Since the program's revival in the 1990s, the Badgers' fan base has become one of the best in the Big Ten.

    One of the most incredible experiences in college football is participating in the "Jump Around" between the third and fourth quarters at Camp Randall Stadium.

    Though many still underrate them when compared to other universities, Wisconsin's fan base is one of the best around.

9. Tennessee

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    While the Volunteers have struggled to find traction in the SEC since the Peyton Manning years, it hasn't deterred their fans' orange-and-white obsession.

    It's no wonder Tennessee has some of the best traditions in college football, whether it's coming out for the Vol Walk or singing Rocky Top.

8. Ohio State

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    Ohio State is one of the winningest programs in college football. But they wouldn't be anywhere without their devoted fan base.

    They're so obsessed, they have an actual blood oath to destroy all things Michigan.

    ...Okay, so I may have made that up. But after meeting any Buckeyes fan, you'd think it was true. That's how much these folks love their team.

7. Oregon

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    Despite its smaller-than-most design, Autzen Stadium remains one of the loudest venues in all of college football.

    Rain or shine—and in Oregon it's mainly rain—the Duck-obsessed fans are always there to support their team.

    No wonder Autzen is one of the most feared places to play on the road.

6. Alabama

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    Alabama is mostly known for their winning ways and ability to churn out NFL talent, but don't let that detract from the greatness of their fans.

    They may not have the reputation of other SEC fan bases, but don't let that fool you. College football is a way of life in Tuscaloosa.

    Who else could pull off the Rammer Jammer Cheer, besides the Crimson Tide obsessed?

5. Penn State

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    Despite all that their program's been through in the last year, the Penn State faithful remain just that.

    Though it's only been around since 2005, the Penn State "white out" is already one of the most recognized and awe-inspiring traditions in college football.

    If the program is ever going to repair itself, it'll start with the love and devotion of its great fan base.

4. Texas A&M

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    The Aggies are known to have some of the best fans in the country. They're so devoted that they stand throughout every game, and participate in "Midnight Yell Practice" the night before each contest.

    The A&M faithful's history of devotion goes back to the 1920s, when a fan was asked to get in uniform in case a battered Aggies team needed him.

    And from there the moniker of "the 12th man" was bestowed upon these great fans.

3. Notre Dame

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    Their recent revival aside, the Fighting Irish have been a disappointing team to cheer for over the last few years. But through it all, Notre Dame remains one of the most popular teams around.

    One of my dad's favorite stories to tell is when my grandpa—a huge Notre Dame fan—was flying out of Oregon right before the 2001 Fiesta Bowl between Oregon State and Notre Dame.

    There, in a sea of orange and black, was my grandpa sporting his usual navy and gold Notre Dame hat.

    It's stories like that that make the Fighting Irish one of the most obsessed fanbases around.

2. LSU

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    There are many words to describe LSU fans. While devoted and obsessed are certainly some of them, others include menacing and vicious.

    Baton Rouge is one of the hardest places to play at on the road, especially in its fabled night games.

    It's one of the best places in the nation to play football, but it wouldn't be so without the undying love and ferocity of the LSU fans.

    All I know is that attending a night game at Tiger Stadium is officially something I've got to do. And unless they're playing my beloved Beavers, I'll make sure to be wearing yellow and purple.

1. Nebraska

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    One of the most storied programs in college football, you'd be hard pressed to find a fanbase with more love and devotion for their team than Nebraska.

    The last non-sellout game for the Cornhuskers dates all the way back to 1962. They've more than set the record for consecutive sellouts in college football history, with their 323rd coming last Saturday.

    If that's not obsessed, then I don't know what is.