College Football Recruiting 2013: The 10 Most Forgotten Recruits

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IOctober 31, 2012

College Football Recruiting 2013: The 10 Most Forgotten Recruits

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    With so many high school football players all around the country at the various high schools, many players go overlooked. Yet believe it or not, even if you're still fortunate enough to be a D-I recruit and make several recruiting lists, you still can get outshined and forgotten about. 

    I want to use this piece to give you 10 recruits that I think we as recruiting fans tend to forget about. Reasons vary as for why this happens, but it does. We focus on the 5-star and 4-star prospects and therefore forget about some players.

    Well, here are 10 recruits who you should start to remember more often.

10. Kenny Hill, QB

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    Hill is a 6'1", 205-pound dual-threat QB from Texas. He committed to A&M in April, and for some reason, we have kind of forgotten about him a little bit.

    I think Hill gets outshined by fellow Aggie QB commit Kohl Stewart when we think of the top offensive players Kevin Sumlin has pledged this year. While I do think Hill faces a depth chart battle for time at QB spot, his skill set is not be overlooked.

9. Frank Herron, DE

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    We have to start showing Frank Herron more recruiting love folks, as this guy can play. He's a 6'4", 240-pound DE prospect from Tennessee that is headed to LSU.

    The Tigers are known for having great DE's in Baton Rouge, especially this year in KeKe Mingo and Sam Montgomery. Don't be surprised to see Herron in the same light as these guys in a few years.

8. Marcus Newby, OLB

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    Newby is a 6'1", 210-pound outside 'backer that is headed to Nebraska and could be a similar defender to what Lavonte David was in Lincoln.

    From Maryland, Newby has great range, speed and athleticism. I think he can play all three downs and can factor in zone coverage. With his toughness and strength, look for Newby to be a Blackshirt defensive standout. 

7. Jaron Dukes, WR

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    At 6'4", 200 pounds, Dukes is a Michigan commit that could really develop and make some noise. He has excellent size, length and has good speed.

    Dukes shows solid release quickness and can separate from defenders at junction points in his routes. He's raw and needs some refinement, but Michigan fans, don't forget you guys have this guy in the fold, because he could be a sleeper. 

6. Cequan Jefferson, ATH

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    Jefferson is a 5'10" ATH prospect that is barely 160 pounds and looks like he could be a JV player on the hoof. However, this guy has outstanding speed, and it shows on tape.

    The Virginia Tech commit may be forgotten about by us because when we think of the 2013 Hokie class, Kendall Fuller and Bucky Hodges get all the attention. Jefferson is going to run himself into some attention in Blacksburg. 

5. Richard Benjamin, WR

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    Benjamin probably is going to make me pay for not having him as a top 10 WR prospect. The Florida native stands close to 6'0", 200 pounds and has big-time explosiveness.

    He can surge off the line in his release, quickly weave around traffic, get back on his route line and separate very quickly from cornerbacks with sharp cuts. He's a playmaker on the perimeter and someone who I tend to forget about too often. 

4. Adam Lane, RB

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    Lane is almost like a poor man's Greg Bryant, but a little shorter and more compact. He stands just 5'8", but weighs almost 220 pounds. Lane's subtle quickness, run strength, balance and low center of gravity are all good traits for a back.

    I just think he gets forgotten about because for starters, Florida has Kelvin Taylor committed this year too, and secondly, the class has many stars that seem to get more attention and coverage than Lane gets.

3. Ben Boulware, LB

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    Boulware is a linebacker through and through, as the 6'1", 230-pounder from South Carolina has great toughness, strength and athleticism. He isn't afraid to insert himself firmly in run alleys, stack blocks and thump hits on whoever challenges him.

    One of the reasons Clemson has a top-15 recruiting class is because they have a great group of talent; among that talent is Ben Boulware. Do not forget him. 

2. Joas Aguilar, OG

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    Aguilar is another Texas A&M commit on this list and actually reminds me of a player at Auburn, Christian Westerman.

    At 6'5" and nearly 290 pounds, Aguilar is a fierce run blocker that uses an athletic and quick first step to roll on targets and upper-body strength to latch on, sustain and steer them to the grass.

    Looking at my interior OL board, I probably need to move Aguilar up a few spots. 

1. Justin Davis, RB

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    Davis is part of a star-studded USC class that is tops in the country in my rankings. However, he gets lost in the shuffle when we first think of the top headliners of the class.

    Toss in the fact that one of the top prospects in the USC class is also a RB like Davis in Ty Isaac, and you see how easy it is to forget about this guy. He's a 6'0", 200-pound runner with solid quickness, patience, strength and vision.

    Davis will certainly help in Troy.

    Edwin Weathersby has worked in scouting/player personnel departments for three professional football teams, including the New York Giants, Cleveland Browns and the Las Vegas Gladiators of the Arena League. He spent a year evaluating prep prospects and writing specific recruiting and scouting content articles for Student Sports Football (now ESPN Rise-HS). A syndicated scout and writer, he's also contributed to, and Diamonds in the Rough Inc., a College Football and NFL Draft magazine.