All Sports Battle of the Coasts: Why the East Is Better Than the West

Mike KentSenior Writer IMarch 14, 2009

The West Coast is a great area to live in: It has Hollywood, movie stars, great food, and lots of people. Those are all great reasons to live in the West.

But we all know the real way to decide where to live—sports.

All the best sports teams are in the East, the West teams are just second-best to the East. You can see it in the stats and you can see it records, the East has better sports teams then the West.

In most sports the East has played better then the West.

Most 2008 championship-winning teams played in the East.

Here is a look some of the top sports in America, just look at how the East wins most of the battles.



In the NFL, the Super Bowl winning Pittsburgh Steelers and the best record-owning Tennessee Titans are both in the East.

For eight seasons in a row, the Super Bowl winner was from the east or center of America. The west is not looking too good.



In baseball the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series. The Angels had the best record in the MLB, but the Phillies won it all.

Out of the 21 teams that don't play in the west there are only six teams that had losing records in the west in 2008.

Out of the nine teams that play in the west only three had a record over .500 in 2008.



In basketball, the Boston Celtics won the NBA Championship.

Yes, the Lakers are great and the West did win the All-Star game, but the three of the top four teams are in the East and not only did the Celtics win the Championship last year, they beat the Lakers to do it.



I do not know about how NASCAR works, sorry. This is a individual person sport.But i did take the liberty to go to and take a look at the standing. And it looks like other then Carl Edwards all the good riders are from the West, so this is a sports that i need to give the West the win in.

There is also a race called the Toyota All Star Showdown that Mary Jo Buchanan told  me about. The winner of the race was a man in the name of Matt Kobyluck won the race, and he is from the East.



NCAA Footaball

This is another sport i do not fallow, but i will try my best. Florida won the Bowl last season. And looking at the standing, it looks like all the best teams are in the East and Centers. But more in the East looking at Cincinnati, Florida State, Boston College, Virginia Tech and many others. But the West is keeping it close with Texas, Oklahoma and Texas Tech.



In Hockey it is almost even, but the East beat the West in a shootout in the All-Star game.

This is close and it may be the only Sport that the West is better then the East.



Not many people care about soccer but in soccer it is no question that the East is better then the West.

The Columbus Crew beat the New York Red Bulls in the MLS cup match. Both are Eastern teams.


It looks lopsided that the East is better then the West in most sports.

I am not saying the the West does not have any good teams, some of the best sports teams play in the West.

The Angels and Lakers are some of the top teams in the USA, but teams like the Red Sox, Celtics, Steelers, Giants and many others keep the East in front of the West. 

So West Coast guys, time to move to the East, lots of room up here in New York for you guys to make the right move.


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