AP College Football Poll 2012: Winners and Losers from Week 10

Jake Martin@JakeMartinSECCorrespondent IIIOctober 28, 2012

AP College Football Poll 2012: Winners and Losers from Week 10

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    After a relatively big shakeup in the Week 10 AP poll, Oregon remained the No. 2 team.

    The biggest debate all season has revolved around that No. 2 slot in the polls, and after Florida beat both LSU and South Carolina, the Gators offered a viable case for that spot.

    But after the Gators lost to Georgia this past weekend, Oregon regained its spot behind No. 1 Alabama. That makes the Ducks the biggest winners in this week's poll, but who are the other winners?

    And who are the losers, for that matter?

Winner: Oregon

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    Ranking: No. 2 (Last Week at No. 2)

    The Oregon Ducks were No. 2 last week in the AP poll, and after Florida lost to Georgia, the Ducks were in no danger of losing that No. 2 spot.

    If this college football season is heading toward four undefeated teams—and it certainly looks that way right now—holding the No. 2 spot in both the AP poll and USA Today Coaches poll could prove to be valuable.

    Say Oregon, Kansas State, Notre Dame and Alabama all win out this season, and let's say the BCS selects Notre Dame to play Alabama in the national championship game.

    If the game turns out to be a grinder and a boring game and Oregon blows out whoever it plays in the Rose Bowl, this could be 2003 all over again with a shared national championship between Oregon and whoever wins the BCS National Championship. That's why every week at No. 2 matters.

Loser: Oklahoma State

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    Ranking: Unranked (Unranked Last Week)

    No love for the Pokes?

    Oklahoma State is 5-2 this season, and after winning three games in a row, the Cowboys find themselves unranked once again in the AP poll.

    Before beating TCU 36-14 last Saturday, Oklahoma State beat a very game (and ranked) Iowa State team, 31-10.

    The coaches acknowledged Oklahoma State's efforts by giving them putting them No. 24 in their poll. The writers? Eh, not so much.

Winner: Stanford

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    Ranking: 15 (Last Week at No. 19)

    An impressive win? Who needs that?

    Certainly not Stanford. When you get down to it, Stanford's record really isn't that impressive. They beat a USC team (that lost to Arizona last Saturday), and they have an overtime victory against Arizona.

    Does that warrant a No. 15 ranking in the polls? Here's a better question: Does a 24-17 victory against a 2-6 Washington State team earn Stanford the right to jump four spots in the polls?

    With teams behind Stanford such as Texas A&M, it's hard to really get behind Stanford claiming the No. 15 spot.

Loser: Boise State

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    Ranking: 19 (Last Week at No. 21)

    Don't get it twisted—Boise State is right where it should be.

    However, if you compare this poll to the coaches poll, Boise State fans are going to feel like they've received the short end of the stick. And who could blame them?

    In the coaches' poll, Boise State is No. 14, while the Broncos are No. 19 in the AP poll.

    Guess those blowout victories against Wyoming and UNLV aren't impressing writers anymore. Hey, at least the coaches still admire it, right? Glass half-full?

Winner: Oregon State

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    Ranking: 13 (Last Week at No. 7)

    Here's the deal: Oregon State's fame this season is living off an unimpressive schedule.

    Is that not the truth? Oregon State beats Wisconsin, and fans around the country go berserk. That same Wisconsin team has gone on to boast a 6-3 record. Still impressed?

    OK, what about Oregon State's stimulating 27-20 victory against UCLA the following week? Great win, right? Well, the Bruins were exposed against Cal, 43-17, two weeks later.

    The rest of Oregon State's wins have come against mediocre teams, and after the Beavers lost to Washington last Saturday, they only fell to No. 13. Still, those wins against No. 10 Wisconsin and No. 19 UCLA look great, don't they?

    Guess this is why so many people hate preseason rankings.

Loser: Oklahoma

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    Ranking: No. 14 (Last Week at No. 8)

    Oklahoma is the perfect argument for Oregon State being labeled a winner in this week's polls.

    Who in their right mind believes Oregon State is a better team than Oklahoma? Passing interferences aside, do you believe Oregon State can shut down this Landry Jones offensive attack?

    Apparently, the writers believe so. Oklahoma has lost to two of the best teams in football—Kansas State and Notre Dame—and the Sooners hold impressive victories against Texas and Texas Tech.

    Yet Oklahoma is placed behind Oregon State in the polls. It doesn't exactly add up.

Winner: South Carolina

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    Ranking: 11 (Last Week at No. 17)

    Holy jumping polls, Batman!

    Lose two in a row, drop down to No. 17. Win a game against an unranked Tennessee team, jump up six spots. There's more to the story than that, but when you just glance at it, it's rather humorous.

    The reason South Carolina was able to jump back into the polls so high so quickly was because of the team's blowout victory against Georgia and losses to two top-ranked teams in Florida and LSU. That's just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

    Although it doesn't look fair and some will argue it's SEC-biased, you can't deny that South Carolina is the most dangerous two-loss team out there.

Loser: The Big Ten

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    The Big Ten can't catch a break.

    All of the teams are beating each other, and the only team that's striving is incapable of making a national championship appearance because of bowl bans.

    But this isn't about Ohio State. This is about Northwestern being left out of the Top 25 in the polls after beating Iowa.

    Despite Northwestern being 2-2 in its last four games, the Wildcats are 7-2 this season, and an argument can be made for them to receive a ranking before the Pac-12's UCLA does. Yet they didn't, and the Big Ten is stuck with only two teams ranked in the Top 25. It seems like it's been that way every week.