Florida Football: Why the Gators Are Officially Cursed Against Georgia

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Florida Football: Why the Gators Are Officially Cursed Against Georgia
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All of the Gator fans got on me pretty good about my last article. Everybody claimed that there are no such things as curses, that Florida would easily handle a weak Georgia team, etc.

How about now? Still think it's a bunch of BS?

It seems pretty damn real to me.

Florida is cursed against the Georgia Bulldogs in Jacksonville.

Don't worry Gator fans, it's not permanent. History says that the curse will reset sometime around 2030, and it'll be our turn again. Each team has taken turns walloping each other with frightening regularity for two decades at a time since the series began a century ago. Before 2011, Florida had a run of 18-3, before that, Georgia had a 15-4 run, before that, it was 13-5 Florida, and before that, 17-3 Georgia.

How do we know it's a curse, and not a coincidence?

Well, for starters, look at what South Carolina did to Georgia. They didn't just beat them, they slaughtered them 35-7. Then, two weeks later, Florida beat South Carolina even worse by forcing turnover after turnover. Coming into the game, Georgia was weak, beaten up and a huge underdog.

So, what does Florida do? Do they capitalize against a horrible defense and book a ticket to Atlanta? Do they at least play a dominant second half to pull out a tough game? Do they play smart, control the ball and let Georgia make the mistakes?

No, no and no.

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Instead, Florida coughs it up to an unbelievable SIX TIMES against a defense that seemed incapable of stopping Tennessee if their lives depended on it. Yes, the same Tennessee team that Florida silenced in Knoxville earlier this year. For that matter, the defense that barely beat Kentucky—the same Kentucky team Florida shut out and routed back in September.

Florida has to pick THIS game to screw everything up. They're as fundamentally sound as I've ever seen against top-10 teams LSU and South Carolina, but it's THIS game that they choose to be sloppy. 

It's just that simple. Florida is cursed against Georgia.

But, even though this loss pretty much eliminates Florida from the East (Georgia would have to lose to Ole Miss or Auburn and Florida would have to beat Missouri), there's a lot to play for.

There's a huge game with FSU sitting at the end of our schedule. Head into that game 10-1, and Florida will likely be in the top seven. Beat FSU in Tallahassee, and a Top Five spot is likely, and therefore, a bid to the Sugar Bowl is a legitimate possibility. Even if Florida doesn't make the SEC Championship, they'll still be ahead of LSU, South Carolina, Mississippi State and probably even Georgia, unless they win the SEC.

We've seen the SEC East runner up get bumped ahead of the winner for bowl positioning not too long ago— even when the runner up lost to the winner. The Sugar Bowl picked Georgia over Tennessee despite the Vols crushing Georgia and beating them out for a bid in the SEC Championship Game. So, it's not so unfathomable to start preparing for Bourbon Street if the Gators win out.

The only sad thing is, I'm going to miss owning Georgia like a little puppy dog. But like clockwork, what goes up must come down. It's Georgia's turn, and while that doesn't mean there's nothing for Florida to play for, it's a tough pill to swallow.

Is it 2030 yet?

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