Marcus Lattimore Injury: Gruesome Play Brings Players, Fans, Announcer to Tears

T.J. McaloonContributorOctober 27, 2012

COLUMBIA, SC - OCTOBER 27: Marcus Lattimore #21 of the South Carolina Gamecocks covers his head after injuring his knee against the Tennessee Volunteers during the game at Williams-Brice Stadium on October 27, 2012 in Columbia, South Carolina. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

In a sad turn of events, South Carolina junior running back Marcus Lattimore suffered a gruesome injury that brought everyone surrounding today’s South Carolina-Tennessee game together in support of the talented running back.

There hasn’t been any news yet on what Lattimore injured or on the severity of his injury. 

If you haven’t seen the video of the hit, the reactions of the fans at William-Brice Stadium, the tone of the announcers, Lattimore’s family and the players on both South Carolina and Tennessee, here it is below.

(Warning: the video below is a graphic injury and those with weak stomachs should not watch it.) 

As you can see, there isn’t anything abnormal about the play when it begins. It was a standard rushing play with Lattimore taking the ball up the middle. After getting the ball, Lattimore breaks off to his left when he sees some running room. 

Then Tennessee’s defensive back, Eric Gordon, dives in at Lattimore’s legs and his body connects with his right leg while Gordon’s teammate, Herman Lathers, wraps up Lattimore’s body. 

From what it looks like, it's here where Lattimore suffers his injury as his body is twisted while his leg remains caught between Gordon and Lathers. 

As Lattimore is being carted off to a standing ovation from the crowd and both Gamecocks and Volunteers players, ESPN cameras caught Lattimore’s mother and family headed to the tunnel to meet Lattimore in the South Carolina locker room before being taken to a local hospital.

From ESPN: At half time South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier said about the injury that, “It looked severe on the field, but we'll have to wait and see."

Then from the Sporting News, in the post game Spurrier had a little more to say about Lattimore’s injury saying: 

“Unfortunately, we'll just have to do what we did last year," Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier said to ESPN afterward. "He's such a wonderful man. Good things will happen for Marcus Lattimore. I don't know in what field of life, but he's a wonderful guy. He's going to do well in whatever he does."

At first glance the injury looks to have ended his 2012 season. However, if the injury is as severe as it looks, it could also mean the end of what could have been a great football career in the NFL. 

As you can see in the video, the players, coaches, announcers and everyone in the stadium hopes the injury is just a compound fracture of his right leg, and nothing serious to his knee.