Things That Bother Me in College Football Part II

David HedlindAnalyst IIMarch 12, 2009

The things that were bothering me article made me keep thinking and more stuff kept on popping in to my head. 

So here we go with part two. 

“We’re No. 1”

Every fan base does this, even the one I am a part of.  Whenever they realize the camera is on them they hold up the index finger. This is the universal sign for saying “We’re No. one.”  I even hear people yell that.

Unless the team you are cheering for is the number one ranked team in the nation or the conference, stop it.

“The Game”

This isn’t that big of a deal if you are among friends and you are all fans of the same team. 

On a message board though it gets annoying. 

“Yeah I was at the game and it was crazy.”

What game are you talking about?  The game of the team you are a fan of?  The bigger game between two ranked teams that was being played a half-hour from your house?  Unless the game is referring to the only game on that day, in all sports, say what game you are talking about. 

If you were going to the football game say that.  If it is the basketball game, tell me that.  If you are going to both you wouldn’t say “ I am going to the game and then after that to the game.”

“The Color of Blood”

I don’t care how big of a fan you are, you can not change the color of your blood.  Trust me I am in the medical field.  I have never seen green, purple, gold, orange, black, silver, or yellow blood. 

The only teams that get it right are red and variations of red such as crimson or maroon. 

Every time I hear someone say it, I want to cut them just to prove my point. 

“Ignorance of the conferences”

I don’t know how many times I read things where people think Boise State is in the Mountain West or they don’t now the difference between New Mexico State in the WAC and New Mexico in the Mountain West. 

The recent push by the Mountain West for a BCS automatic bid has helped as people are taking more notice.  If you want to say something about the conferences or teams get your facts straight first.

“Ugliest Uniforms”

People love to talk about this.  Every year there are posts and posts about it.  I only have one thing to say about it:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

“Strength of Schedule”

How do you calculate it? 

By wins and losses?

Do you include the wins and losses of the teams the opponents played as well?  I think that used to be a part of a formula.

If you go based on wins and loses alone then a win over 8-5 Rutgers, Kansas, Arizona, or LSU means the same as a win over 8-5 Troy or Navy. 

Maybe you count opponents that were bowl teams.

Both Oregon and Louisiana Tech played five bowl teams but whose schedule do you think was tougher?

Ranked teams seems like a logical thing to go by but then what about those teams that start the season ranked like Auburn at 10, Arizona State at 15, and Illinois at 20, and then finish at 5-7?  Do you count the win over a ranked team even though it turns out they were overrated. 

How about the other way around?  What if a team isn’t in the rankings to start the season like Utah, Oregon State, Boise State, Mississippi, or Cincinnati?  They climb in and finish the season ranked.  So does that count as a ranked team on the schedule if the game played was when they weren’t ranked?


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