AP College Football Poll 2012: Winners and Losers from Week 9 Poll

Jake Martin@JakeMartinSECCorrespondent IIIOctober 21, 2012

AP College Football Poll 2012: Winners and Losers from Week 9 Poll

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    The initial BCS rankings and college football action over the weekend did little to alter Week 9's AP poll.

    In fact, there was hardly a shakeup in the poll at all, and that's actually surprising when you think about it.

    Who was the biggest winner in Week 8?

    Any reasonable person would argue for Florida or Kansas State, yet both teams stayed the same. Go figure.

    But that's just one side of it. Some teams did anything but impress and were able to attain a decently high ranking. Others weren't so lucky.

    Here are this week's winners and losers from the AP poll.

Winner: Oregon State

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    Ranking: No. 7 (Last Week at No. 8)

    The Oregon State Beavers don't exactly pop out of the screen at you, but hey, what they're doing is working.

    Though most of its games have been close, Oregon State is 6-0, and it keeps moving on up in the AP poll.

    That's all fine and dandy, but the Beavers have yet to really have a signature win.

    Sure, one could argue a win against Wisconsin, but let's face it: The Badgers aren't "who we thought they were."

    Actually, Wisconsin is 6-2 right now, and you can't find it anywhere in the AP Top 25. The zero behind the dash certainly looks good, but is Oregon State truly better than Oklahoma, Ohio State, Florida State and USC?

Loser: Florida

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    Ranking: No. 3 (Last Week at No. 3)

    Now, this doesn't make a lick of sense.

    Plain and simple, Oregon should not be No. 2. Beating teams senseless in the first half is impressive, it really is. But compare both teams' resumes, and it's easy to see who should be ranked behind Alabama.

    Oregon has yet to beat a Top 20 team, while the Gators have victories over two Top 10 teams, including a 44-11 thrashing against the Gamecocks last Saturday.

    Perhaps the computers are more accurate than we think. Perhaps the BCS isn't this chaotic monster we all perceive it to be. That's sure to ruffle a few feathers.

Winner: Michigan

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    Ranking: No. 20 (Last Week at No. 23)

    How does Michigan do it?

    The Wolverines have an uncanny ability to slither their way up the polls. On second thought, Notre Dame gives 'em a run for their money.

    But unlike Michigan, Notre Dame has earned its ranking this season by beating ranked teams. Michigan, on the other hand, has a significant win against a 4-4 Michigan State team? Ouch.

    At this rate, the Michigan/Ohio State game will be a Top 10 matchup.

Loser: Ohio State

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    Ranking: No. 9 (Last Week at No. 7)

    You have to feel bad for Ohio State.

    Not only did the Buckeyes make a miraculous comeback to defeat Purdue Saturday, they did it without their star player.

    Braxton Miller is this offense, and when he went down with an injury in the game, it took this team a lot of resolve to come from behind and get the W. To be able to weather a storm, tie the game with three seconds left and win in overtime is something worth applauding.

    However, the writers apparently didn't appreciate that tough grit and decided to drop the Buckeyes two spots.

Winner: Louisiana Tech

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    Ranking: No. 24 (Previously Unranked)

    Long time no see, Louisiana Tech.

    Louisiana Tech bounced back into the Top 25 polls, as good ol' Jim Ross would say, "quicker than a hiccup."

    Louisiana Tech may have lost to Texas A&M in a shootout two weeks ago, but a 70-28 win against Idaho sure did erase that game from voters' memories.

    For the Bulldogs' sake, let's hope the bowls think as highly of them as the writers do.

Loser: Kansas State

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    Ranking: No. 4 (Last Week at No. 4)

    What does Kansas State have to do around here to get a little respect?

    Is "Optimus Klein" going to have to transform into an 18-wheeler and run somebody over on the field or something?

    Led by Collin Klein's seven total touchdowns, Kansas State's offense dissected West Virginia's defense as if it wasn't even present. The Wildcats won, 55-14, and though they're undefeated with a significant victory against Oklahoma on the resume, they remain ranked at No. 4.

    The debate for that No. 2 spot is getting more and more interesting.

Winner: West Virginia

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    Ranking: No. 25 (Last week at No. 17)

    The love-fest with Geno Smith and West Virginia is winding down, but it's not over just yet.

    How a team could have as bad of a defense as West Virginia, lose back-to-back games by a minimum of 35 points and still be ranked in the Top 25 is beyond reason.

    "Come on, it can't be that bad."

    Oh, it's bad.

    The Mountaineers gave up over 2,250 yards of offense in the past four games. That's an approximate average of 560 yards per game. And you see what happens when West Virginia's offense isn't lighting up the scoreboard.

    Seriously, how could anyone reward this style of football?

Loser: Texas

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    Ranking: NR (Previously Unranked)

    Unlike Louisiana Tech and Michigan, voters weren't quick to hop back on Texas' bandwagon.

    How could they after the Longhorns barely squeezed by Baylor, 56-50? But what's hurting this team more than anything right now is the decline of West Virginia.

    After West Virginia beat Texas, the Mountaineers lost their next two games, and that certainly doesn't do Texas any favors.

    Texas should have a great opportunity of getting back in the Top 25 when it plays Texas Tech on Nov. 3.