Is Ohio State, Notre Dame or Florida State Best Fit for 4-Star WR Tony Stevens?

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIOctober 19, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Tony Stevens is a 4-star receiver from Orlando, Florida, who was formally committed to the Florida State Seminoles.

Now that his commitment is open and the recruiting process has started back up, there are a few notable programs that will be getting visits from him in the future. Kynon Codrington of is reporting that Stevens is planning on making visits to Notre Dame, Ohio State and that he wants to visit Florida State as well.

Of these three college football powerhouses, which would be the best fit for the 6'3'', 175-pound wideout?

Check out what Stevens has to say regarding Ohio State and coach Urban Meyer, via Codrington's report:

He has plans to head to Columbus for Ohio State-Michigan on November 24. Buckeyes running back coach Stan Drayton has been recruiting Stevens and he likes what he is hearing.

He noted, "Coach Meyer came from Florida and won national titles here. I like their offense and want to check it out."

It appears as if Ohio State's offense has caught Stevens' eye, and considering the fact that he's a wide receiver, I'd say that's a good thing for the Buckeyes.

Meyer's offense would be a good fit for Stevens as well though.

He has the size to be a difference maker on any offense really, but I can see Meyer really utilizing Stevens' ability to make plays in multiple ways. He's a lanky wideout with great athleticism, so he can go up and high, and point the ball over smaller cornerbacks and safeties. He's also extremely fast though, displays good field vision and has the ability to juke out defenders after the catch.

Having a wide receiver that can come back to the ball, make a play on it and then make defenders miss after the catch to pick up extra yards would be a luxury for Meyer, and I can only imagine he'd find many ways to utilize Stevens' athleticism.

Meyer is an excellent coach, he has championship experience and he has that Florida connection with Stevens that should also be a plus for the four-star receiver.

Notre Dame and FSU are both good options as well, but when it comes down to it, Ohio State is the best fit for Stevens.

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