The 10 Tastiest Cupcake Games of College Football Week 8

Jonathan McDanal@@jdmcdanalContributor IIIOctober 19, 2012

The 10 Tastiest Cupcake Games of College Football Week 8

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    After the first four weeks of college football, one would think that the cupcake article would begin to get shorter. The great news for cupcake connoisseurs is that conference play pits most conference opponents against each other, so there are still morsels of creamy goodness for almost every week of the season.

    Everyone knows that there are bottom-dwellers in every conference. Sure, they may change from year to year, and sometimes it's never the same one in any two-year period. In the end, someone sits at the bottom, and it's usually not even a tight competition.

    Week 8 is no exception to that rule. In fact, there are some teams that could practically sleepwalk to victory if they paid attention in practice all week.

    Here are the 10 tastiest cupcake games on the docket in Week 8.

10. Bowling Green Falcons at Massachusetts Minutemen

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    Bowling Green enters this game 4-3 overall and is more than likely going to get its fifth win on Saturday.

    In the four major statistical categories (passing offense, rushing offense, scoring offense and scoring defense), the Massachusetts Minutemen have no ranking higher than 107th in the nation.

    Bowling Green has none lower than 98th, and that's scoring offense. That's likely to be less of a factor than the rest of its rankings, which are no lower than 65th.

    Bowling Green should have little issue dispatching the Minutemen with extreme prejudice. Coincidentally, the Falcons should have the game well-in-hand by the time you eat your first pastry during the game.

9. Idaho Vandals at Louisiana Tech Bulldogs

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    Louisiana Tech came a butterfly's breath away from defeating the Texas A&M Aggies and making a BCS-busting headline out of its season.

    Even though the LA Tech Bulldogs are 117th nationally in scoring defense, they are not the cupcake here. The Bulldogs are tops in the nation at scoring. Even when allowing Texas A&M 59 points, the Bulldogs scored 57 of their own.

    This offense is no joke. At 53.8 points per game, not even the Aggies were laughing at it.

    That's where Idaho comes in. Idaho is 120th in rushing offense, 121st in scoring offense and 115th in scoring defense. Idaho will still be looking for its second win in Week 9. It's not coming at the cost of LA Tech's program, especially not at home.

8. Northern Illinois Huskies at Akron Zips

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    The 28th-ranked scoring offense (Northern Illinois) takes on the 114th-ranked scoring defense (Akron). Granted, the Zips bring in the ninth-ranked passing attack in terms of yardage, but the Huskies also bring the 30th-best scoring defense.

    While this could turn into a shootout, the odds are in favor of a Huskies win by more than two touchdowns. This is one of those delectable cupcakes that offers a hint of salt in the caramel icing.

    That lightly salted flavor comes from the Zips' theoretical ability to make this a football game. The Zips' terrible 1-6 record and inability to score in many games are what makes that ability still merely theoretical.

7. Pittsburgh Panthers at Buffalo Bulls

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    Pitt finally has a game that it's expected to win. Don't get me wrong, Pitt has defeated the mighty then-No. 13 Virginia Tech Hokies, so we know the Panthers are capable of winning tough games.

    It's just the fact that the only other win of the season is over Gardner-Webb. Good news for the Panthers: Buffalo ranks 96th in scoring offense and 105th in scoring defense.

    Yes, anything can happen on "Anything Can Happen Saturday," but even Sheldon Cooper could tell you that the Bulls uniforms are going to be the highlight of their home game. Anyone other than Sheldon Cooper could tell you that the cheerleaders will be a highlight, too.

6. Wyoming Cowboys at Fresno State Bulldogs

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    Wyoming has been a pretty large disappointment for its fans so far this year, and the Fresno State game won't be any different. Fresno State brings in the nation's 34th scoring attack against Wyoming's 97th-ranked defense.

    As much as we all love an underdog, this game really is going to be painful to watch. Well, unless you're a Bulldogs fan. Not only are the 'Dogs statistically better than the 'Boys, they are coming off a tough 10-point loss to the Boise State Broncos. Fresno has yet to lose a game following a loss in 2012.

    The only meritorious thing to say here for the Cowboys is that they field the first scoring defense inside the top 100 on this list.

5. South Florida Bulls at No. 16 Louisville Cardinals

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    Even if the Cardinals are looking ahead to the Cincinnati game, the South Florida Bulls will be hard-pressed to find a way to beat them.

    With the 73rd scoring defense, the Bulls will be facing a team that's ranked at No. 35. That's a recipe for disaster.

    Yes, it's possible; no game is impossible to win. However, the Bulls will have to do it with the 82nd-ranked scoring offense.

    That is about as close to a "lock" as you can get these days.

4. Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders at No. 12 Mississippi State Bulldogs

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    Yes, Mississippi State's schedule has been highly favorable as far as allowing the Bulldogs to ease into the hard part. However, that doesn't mean that it's in danger of losing in Week 8.

    Middle Tennessee is not nearly as good as Tennessee, and the Bulldogs beat the Volunteers by 10 points.

    The Blue Raiders bring the nation's 69th scoring defense on the road to face the nation's 17th scoring defense. Tennessee just found out how well that works.

    Mississippi State is playing its last out-of-conference cupcake of the season in Week 8. Ole Miss is really the only pastry left in the glass case after this.

    The Bulldogs have a tough road ahead of them, and they may not survive undefeated. However, that stretch doesn't start until next week against Alabama.

    The Bulldogs will enjoy the dessert that brings their record to an unexpected 7-0 in 2012.

3. No. 11 Georgia Bulldogs at Kentucky Wildcats

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    Kentucky's best ranking in any of the four major categories is 95th (in passing offense). Georgia's worst placement is 52nd (in scoring defense).

    Kentucky will be all alone at the bottom of its division when the final whistle blows against Tennessee on Thanksgiving weekend.

    Georgia will continue to add misery to Kentucky's already dismal 1-6 record. Every conference has a bottom-dweller that's good for a win almost every year. In SEC football, that's Kentucky.

    Incidentally, the Kentucky football's favorite fight songs are "Just You Wait Until Basketball Season!" and "I'm a Little Cupcake." (To the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot.") Okay, not really, but someone should write them.

2. Colorado Buffaloes at No. 10 USC Trojans

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    All right, now that we're through calling out the SEC's bottom-dweller, it's time to turn our attention to the Pac-12.

    Colorado served as a great motivator to Colorado State in Week 1. Though the CSU Rams are going to get better, their record is 1-6 entering Week 8. That's right, there is a Mountain West team whose only victory this season is over Pac-12 Colorado.

    Enter the USC Trojans, who will absolutely use the Buffaloes as target practice for 60 minutes this Saturday. Seriously, the Buffaloes come in at an astonishing 120th nationally in scoring defense.

    That's not how you beat Matt Barkley, Robert Woods and Marqise Lee. Defense beats the Trojans, and Colorado ranks 106th in that category.

1. Kansas Jayhawks at No. 9 Oklahoma Sooners

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    Aaaaaaaand now it's time for the Big 12.

    Oklahoma hosts Kansas this week, and it should be a blowout. That's exactly why it's the tastiest cupcake of the week. The other cupcakes on this list were here because they are sweet and have a cupcake's chance at a birthday party of coming away with a win.

    Good old Oklahoma faces a Kansas team that's ranked 111th in scoring offense. Oklahoma is ranked ninth in that particular category. Almost every single statistic for these teams screams, "Oklahoma wins!"

    That's precisely why we should all watch and enjoy what happens. Oklahoma likes to lose one game that it shouldn't in each year. For instance, the 2011 Texas Tech Red Raiders. The Raiders were nowhere near the Top 25 in 2011 when they took down the Sooners.

    To put that into perspective, Oklahoma only lost to two of the four ranked teams it played last year: Baylor and Oklahoma State. So, the Sooners beat two ranked teams last year and lost to a team that ended the season at 5-7.

    What does this mean for the Sooners? If they are going to lose to anyone that they really shouldn't, they haven't lost that game yet. Kansas State was a realistic loss, even if it was unexpected.

    Kansas State should go down in flames well before halftime, but Oklahoma is capable of letting them stay in the game too long.