ASU Trolled as Giant "A" Painted Green Ahead of Mammoth Oregon Clash

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 18, 2012

Photo Credit: Yahoo Sports
Photo Credit: Yahoo Sports

Bad blood between two schools spilled over as green paint onto a giant "A" resting on a Tempe hill. 

Hooray for college football. 

On the day ASU and Oregon were to wage war on the field, some alleged Oregon students won a decisive battle when it comes to rivalry peripherals. 

The Arizona Republic reports the well-guarded A that sits on "A" Mountain near Sun Devil Stadium was painted green. 

It's, like, so on. 

The report alleges Oregon Ducks fans painted the letter green after it was painted black for the "Black Out" game on Thursday night. 

For ASU fans who like to worry, don't. It seems the letter was painted back to reflect the hill's obvious affection for all things Sun Devils. 

ASU students said the A was still black at about 3 a.m. but that Oregon fans made their way through ASU students guarding the mountain a couple hours before sunrise. ASU students have guarded the mountain in the past before games with rivals. ASU students made sure the A was back in black by 9 a.m.

By "guarding," we assume the ASU students were busy napping or off doing some other extracurriculars, because that is one giant piece of alphabet to cover in paint. 

If you are a fan of overreactions, this story has plenty of that as well. 

Tyler Bell, an ASU student from Oregon, said he did not care for the prank. "I can't wait for ASU to crush the Ducks," he said.

"This means war," another ASU student screamed from the crowd.

We look forward to the battle that will be waged in the form of four quarters of NCAA-sanctioned football, just like the gladiators of old settled things. 

This budding rivalry has to put a smile on fan's faces because it has become rather silly, but in the best way possible. 

Both schools have released their own set of videos from their respective mascots, sparking a rivalry that is all the more fierce when you consider the poll implications. 

Oregon comes in as the No. 3 team in the nation while Arizona State is a solid 5-1 on the season, including a 3-0 record in conference. 

It's about to go down epic style at Sun Devil Stadium. 

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