BCS Rankings: Teams in Danger of Dropping in Week 8

Jessica Marie@ItsMsJisnerCorrespondent IIOctober 17, 2012

Any BCS-related euphoria won't last long for a few of the teams near the top of the rankings.

It's not necessarily their fault. It's the matchups. Some of the toughest ones are on tap for this week, and pretty much any team in the stacked SEC is in danger of losing—now, or in any other week.

That, of course, means that after one short stint amidst the top of the BCS standings, these teams are in for imminent downfalls. Here's a look at those teams in particular that should be on upset alert.

For full Week 1 BCS standings, see the table below. 

No. 6 LSU (at No. 18 Texas A&M)

LSU has had one of the toughest schedules in the nation over the last few weeks. Last week, at least, the Tigers rose admirably to the challenge and knocked off then-No. 3 South Carolina to officially rob the Gamecocks of the chance to assume the No. 2 spot in the BCS rankings.

However, one week before that, the Tigers dropped a 14-6 contest to Florida.

This week, they take on No. 18 A&M. In the two weeks after that, they'll face No. 1 Alabama and No. 12 Mississippi State.

At some point, that has to become intimidating, or at least a little bit overwhelming. At some point in the next few weeks, LSU is going to drop at least one. It's not out of the question, considering all of the injuries currently afflicting the Tigers. 

That loss could very well come against the Aggies. They've won five straight and have proven they can put up the kind of offensive numbers to compete with the Tigers.

No. 20 Stanford (at California)

Stanford has been up and down for most of 2012. Nobody expected much out of Josh Nunes or the Cardinal to begin the season, and the world was shocked when they took down the mighty Trojans in Week 3.

However, ever since then, the Cardinal's record has been anything but impressive. It's kind of a miracle that they're even ranked in the BCS poll at all. Since beating USC, Stanford has dropped a 17-13 contest to Washington, beat Arizona in overtime and lost to Notre Dame.

Cal certainly hasn't been lights out in 2012 by any means, but it has proven capable of pulling off an upset victory.

See the Golden Bears' Week 6 win over UCLA for evidence.

The Golden Bears have won two straight, and the Cardinal are one overtime win short of going 0-3 since mid-September. They could be ripe for the picking again.

No. 7 South Carolina and No. 2 Florida

One way or another, someone is going to blow it this week. That's what it will be like over the next few weeks, when it seems like all of the SEC's top teams are facing each other.

It starts with Florida and South Carolina, two teams that appear to be on opposite trajectories. The Gamecocks were cruising, especially after a huge win over Georgia in Week 6, but then they ran into LSU and dropped a devastating 23-21 matchup.

Florida, on the other hand, could be in for a similar letdown in Week 8. The Gators are 6-0 and scored a huge victory over LSU at the beginning of October, but as we've seen over the last several weeks, even the best fall down sometimes (unless you're Alabama).

If it's the Gamecocks that suffer another defeat, they can kiss the top 10 goodbye. 


 1. Alabama
 2. Florida
 3. Oregon
 4. Kansas State
 5. Notre Dame
 6. LSU
 7. South Carolina
 8. Oregon State
 9. Oklahoma
 10. USC
 11. Georgia 
 12. Mississippi State
 13. West Virginia
 14. Florida State
 15. Rutgers
 16. Louisville
 17. Texas Tech
 18. Texas A&M
 19. Clemson
 20. Stanford
 21. Cincinnati
 22. Boise State
 23. TCU
 24. Iowa State
 25. Texas


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