AP College Football Poll 2012: Complete Week 6 Standings Released

Adam WellsFeatured ColumnistSeptember 30, 2012

On a weekend that looked like it would be very calm, at least compared to all the marquee matchups we saw in Week 4, the college football season continues to surprise.

The biggest story of Saturday was the Baylor-West Virginia battle. I think Geno Smith just threw another touchdown pass. The new Heisman front-runner had 45 completions, eight touchdown passes and 656 passing yards in a 70-63 shootout. 

After the madness of that game passed, the night games had a lot to live up to. Fortunately, they delivered, as Nebraska mounted a furious comeback against Wisconsin and Texas and Oklahoma State went down to the wire, with a late touchdown pass from David Ash putting the Longhorns over the top. 

Oh, by the way, Alabama took care of business against a better-than-expected Mississippi team. And Oregon pulled away from Washington State with a 21-point third quarter to remain perfect. 

An interesting flip at the top sees Florida State take over LSU's spot at No. 3. The Tigers turned in a lackluster performance against Towson, while the Seminoles had their own problems against South Florida before pulling away late. 

And how about those Northwestern Wildcats.

Sure, we pick on the Big Ten for its overall lack of quality this year, but at least the Wildcats are playing inspired football. The competition has left a lot to be desired, but Pat Fitzgerald has done great things with this program and has it ranked for the first time in four years. 

The biggest upset of the weekend came on Thursday night, when Washington knocked Stanford from the ranks of the unbeaten. 

With so much going on with the Top 25, this week's AP rankings got a bit of a shakeup, though the top of the standings look a lot like they did last week with the Crimson Tide and Ducks maintaining their stranglehold on the No. 1 and 2 spots. 


 1. Alabama
 2. Oregon
 3. Florida State
 4. LSU 
 5. Georgia
 6. South Carolina
 7. Kansas State
 8. West Virginia
 9. Notre Dame
 10. Florida
 11. Texas
 12. Ohio State
 13. USC
 14. Oregon State
 15. Clemson
 16. TCU
 17. Oklahoma
 18. Stanford
 19. Louisville
 20. Mississippi State
 21. Nebraska
 22. Rutgers
 23. Washington
 24. Northwestern
 25. UCLA