10 Teams We Want to See on Every SEC Teams' Non-Conference Schedule

Randy ChambersAnalyst ISeptember 19, 2012

10 Teams We Want to See on Every SEC Teams' Non-Conference Schedule

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    The BCS format will become extinct in a couple of years, as a new playoff system will be installed. Teams will actually have to earn their rank with only four teams being selected to battle it out to declare a new college football champion.

    One of the main differences in the new playoff is there will be an emphasis on strength of schedule from now on.

    No more scheduling FCS schools for a cheap win, and no more scheduling other programs that could lose to some middle schools across the country. Well, you could still schedule those cupcakes, but you will really hurt your schools chances of competing in the playoff.

    It is time for every team to bulk up that non-conference schedule and give the fans what they really want to see.

    Here are 10 teams that we would love to see battle the SEC in the next coming years.


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    Louisiana-Monroe has been the fun story early on in the college football season.

    A team that won just four games last season, and has never reached a bowl game, was able to knock Arkansas out of the AP Poll and was one possession away from driving Auburn fans into a deep depression.

    You can say the Warkhawks played two struggling SEC teams at the right time, and you would be right. But this is the SEC, where the majority of the backups are better than the starters from any Sun Belt team you want to pick from that conference. 

    Louisiana-Monroe has earned the respect of many college football fans that had never even heard of the school until now. It would be cool to see how they fair against some of the better competition in this conference in a year or two.

Notre Dame

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    Notre Dame is this and Notre Dame is that.

    Regardless of what you read and hear about Notre Dame, it is still one of the more-respected schools in the country—it has produced seven Heisman winners and 11 national championships.

    What makes things even better when it comes to the Irish is that it appears the school is finally on the right track to doing some major things.

    Too soon?

    Maybe this year’s squad is just teasing us, but no matter how this program is performing, a game against Notre Dame always has more eyeballs tuning in than your average matchup.


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    Oklahoma is probably as close to an SEC team that you can find outside of the SEC.

    The Sooners have success running the football and usually play physical and dominate defense, which is the formula for how the national championship is won. 

    Head coach Bob Stoops always has a competitive team out on the football field, and the Sooners have opened up in the top-10 of the AP Poll every year since 2007.

    If the SEC wants to make a serious statement early in the year, taking on a physical team such as Oklahoma would be the way to go.


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    USC is now off of probation and is eligible to play for a national championship.

    Everybody criticizes Pac-12 teams, claiming that the finesse style of play won't hold up against a defensive conference such as the SEC.

    The last time the Trojans played an SEC team was during a season opener back in 2006, when USC had traveled to Fayetteville to take on the Razorbacks—they destroyed Arkansas by a score of 50-14.

    Maybe we can make an agreement for one of these types of matchups to be played at a neutral site. Or maybe one of these teams is feeling bold and wouldn't mind to travel across country to battle it out.

    Either way, a non-conference game that includes two possible top-10 teams would be worth the hype.

Virginia Tech

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    There are not too many teams that receive more respect than Virginia Tech.

    The Hokies have opened up the season in the top-20 of the AP Poll 13 times out of the last 14 years. Head coach Frank Beamer has led his team to 19-straight bowl games, including four BCS bowls in the last five years.

    Virginia Tech usually always has a top defense, as it has been in the top-15 in the country in four of the last five seasons. With traveling not much of an issue for either team, I'm sure a potential matchup could be figured out in no time.

Florida State

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    Speaking of defense, it doesn't get much better than Florida State.

    The team is currently loaded on that side of the ball and with boatloads of 5-star recruits coming in, it is safe to say that the Seminoles are a team to watch out for once again.

    In case you haven't heard it yet, Florida State is back!

    Seriously though, despite the recent struggles of the Seminoles over the years, the team has made a bowl game every year since 1982.

    There aren't many teams that have that type of track record, which will certainly help the strength of schedule when it comes to an SEC team.


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    Michigan tried to take on one of the SEC big-dogs in the season opener and failed miserably. But just because that happened does not mean that the Wolverines should give up just yet.

    Head coach Brady Hoke is quickly building this program back up to become a force to reckon with. The recruiting is at an all-time high, and he already managed to lead this team to a BCS bowl for the first time since 2006.

    Give Michigan a couple more years and this team will be national championship contenders.

    Then we can witness the matchup that everybody was hoping to see this season.

Boise State

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    We need this matchup.

    Boise State is college football's favorite underdog, and the Broncos need to stay relevant. With the move to the Big East, the program will have a slightly-improved schedule, but there simply isn't enough competition to consider the Broncos title contenders.

    That's why scheduling an SEC team would work in this situation.

    Head coach Chris Petersen will continue to put together a competitive team out of the players that nobody else wants; it is now up to other programs to help out his strength of schedule.

    Besides, we need to see this matchup to make up for all of the Bronco teams that were screwed out of a fair chance to compete for a title.

Ohio State

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    Two years from now, if you had to pick who was going to win the national championship, who would it be?

    If you picked a school outside of the SEC, your pick would probably be the Ohio State Buckeyes.

    Their recruiting has been off-the-charts since head coach Urban Meyer has arrived, and you know he is going to make a winner out of this program. After all, the guy has won everywhere he has coached, including schools such as Bowling Green State and Utah.

    Putting this program against a premier SEC football team would probably give us the matchup of that particular year. It would be like the national championship before the actual national championship.

West Virginia

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    There are very few college football atmospheres that are quite like Morgantown.

    We witness it every home game for the Mountaineers, and Auburn had their experience back in 2008, while LSU struggled a bit with the crowd last season.

    The stadium only holds 60,000 people, but it doesn't seem like that when you are actually on the football field.

    Oh, and the team happens to be doing well under head coach Dana Holgorsen, as he was able to get the team switched to the more competitive Big 12.

    I'm sure SEC teams would not have an issue with scheduling a team such as West Virginia, because this is a program that is certainly heading in the right direction and provides an SEC-like atmosphere.