The 5 Biggest Misses in USA Today's Week 4 Coaches Poll

Luke Pashke@@luke_pashkeCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2012

The 5 Biggest Misses in USA Today's Week 4 Coaches Poll

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    After such an exciting weekend of college football, you know everyone was scrambling to see the new polls this morning. One poll that many people turn to is the weekly USA Today Coaches Poll, which I have a few bones to pick with after the week four poll they released.

    The top of the poll is pretty standard, but the tail end of the top 10 and the back end of the poll have some serious issues that should be called out. Luckily I have no problem being opinionated and am more than happy to point out what the coaches missed this week.

Wisconsin Should Not Be Ranked

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    It's been pretty shaky in Madison, Wis., since Russell Wilson and company left, and the fact that they are still ranked in USA Today's coaches poll is a complete joke. The Badgers looked terrible last night against Utah State, barely pulling out the win. Even before that, Wisconsin lost to an underwhelming Oregon State team 10-7 after hardly managing to win their opener against Northern Iowa.

    So how are they still in the coaches' top 25? I have no idea, but there are plenty of other teams that are much more worthy of the spot.

Notre Dame Should Be Ranked Higher

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    To be completely honest, I fully expected Notre Dame to leave East Lansing with a loss and I didn't think it would be too much trouble for the Spartans. Obviously I was dead wrong because the Irish brought their A-game and not only did they get a big win on the road, but they also completely dominated the Spartans.

    Their defense looked absolutely stellar and their offense did a solid job against MSU's top notch defense. Last night the Irish looked to turn the corner against a really good team and the fact they they only moved up five spots to 15 is a little ridiculous. I would have them in the 12 spot at least after such a big win and a few losses in front of them.

Texas Is Ranked Way Too High

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    The fact that Texas is in the top 10 is a complete joke. Texas has played absolutely no one worth speaking about and they have no business being in the top 10. I thought they were completely overrated at the beginning of the season and the fact that they squeezed into the top 10 by beating cupcake teams and filling in for other teams that lose is ridiculous.

    Clearly Texas found their way into the top 10 solely based on their reputation and brand because they certainly don't belong that high in the polls after their performance this year.

Georgia Should Be Ranked Higher

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    When it comes to the top five, I like to put a lot of weight on who's been tested the most, especially early in the season. As of now, Florida State and Oklahoma have played in cupcake games and, while they handled them well, it's not the same as seeing a team like UGA go on the road against a solid opponent in Missouri and come out with a victory.

    I still believe it's a tossup between all three teams, but considering UGA is the only team of the three with a quality win, they deserve the nod to move up to the fourth spot.

Florida Should Be Ranked Higher

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    Very few teams have a better resumé than Florida's right now. In the past two weeks, the Gators have managed to pull out two big wins on the road against quality, in-conference opponents. Last week, Florida went into College Station and took down Texas A&M in their first SEC game. A week later, the Gators traveled to Knoxville and defeated a solid Tennessee team to remain undefeated on the season and in their conference.

    Not too many teams have two quality wins this early in the season so I feel the Gators should be ranked 11 or 12, as opposed to their current spot at 14.