College Football: Who Got Screwed in the AP, USA Today Polls?

Alex Callos@@alexcallosCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2012

College Football: Who Got Screwed in the AP, USA Today Polls?

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    Both the AP and USA Today Sports Coaches' polls are out, and, as always, there is plenty of controversy that has come with those rankings.

    Some teams suffered drops that have rarely been seen before, and a few teams made monumental climbs in the rankings.

    As always, there are plenty of teams that have legitimate complaints about how far they dropped in the rankings.

    Here are a few teams who got screwed in the newly-released college football polls.


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    Nebraska dropped from No. 16 in the AP Poll out of the rankings.

    While that may not seem like a big drop, they fell 12 spots in the rankings due to a road loss against a UCLA team that is ranked No. 22 in the AP poll and No. 23 in the USA Today Poll.

    That seems a little harsh, considering it was only a six-point loss. Not many teams lose to one of the top 25 teams in the country on the road and drop 12 spots in the rankings.

    The USA Today Poll dropped Nebraska to No. 24, which is a little more realistic.


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    While they did lose at home to Louisiana-Monroe and certainly deserve to drop a little in the rankings, moving Arkansas completely out of the AP seems a little drastic.

    ULM may not be as bad as people expect, and Arkansas played a good portion of the game with injuries to some key players, including quarterback Tyler Wilson.

    I can see dropping them 10 spots, but to go from No. 10 all the way out of the rankings is a little too extreme.

    The Coaches' Poll was a little fairer to the Razorbacks.

Boise State

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    No matter what Boise State does, it will seemingly never be enough to please some.

    They began the season in the Top 25 in both major polls. After a tough four-point road loss to a Top 10 team in Michigan State, they dropped from the rankings and are yet to return.

    Even though plenty of teams in front of them lost last week, they were still jumped by multiple teams.

    I understand that Boise State did not play this week, but that does not mean they can't move up the rankings a little bit.

    The Broncos actually dropped a spot in the Coaches' Poll.

Texas Tech

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    We all know that Texas Tech struggled big-time last season with injuries, but that does not appear to be the case in 2012.

    The Red Raiders are off to one of the best starts in college football, but none of the voters have seemed to notice yet.

    Texas Tech has really yet to play anybody of significance, but they are 2-0 with an average margin of victory of 51-8.

    The Coaches' Poll only gave the Red Raiders two votes and they did not get a single vote in the AP Poll.

    Seems a little harsh to me.


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    The Wisconsin Badgers certainly deserved to drop more than a few spots, but they fell completely out of the AP Poll, moving from No. 13 all the way down to No. 32, well outside of the rankings. 

    They definitely did not fare well in a season-opening win against Northern Iowa, and fell, 10-7, on the road against Oregon State.

    According to the AP voters, Oregon State is one of the top 30 teams in the country, so why would a three-point road loss drop Wisconsin nearly 20 spots?

    I just don't get it. The USA Today Poll dropped them only nine spots, which was a little more realistic.


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    Everybody is aware of the extreme West Coast bias that takes place in college football, but it has been evident the past two weeks, particularly with the Coaches' Poll.

    USC dropped another spot in the rankings and are now No. 3 despite starting the season as No. 1 and posting two impressive victories.

    The AP Poll still has them at No. 2, but moving LSU ahead of them simply does not seem right.

    Could we be setting up for an Alabama-LSU rematch for the national championship?


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    BYU cannot seem to crack the USA Today Poll, as they are still a few spots away from being ranked, but that does not mean they don't deserve to be.

    The Cougars posted a great win against Washington State and followed that up by dominating Weber State.

    The AP Poll has them at No. 25, which seems fair, but where is the love from the Coaches' Poll for the Cougars?

Utah State

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    Many people may not have heard of Utah State, and apparently neither have the voters in either of the polls.

    They are 2-0 and did not receive a vote in the Coaches' Poll, while only getting one vote in the AP Poll.

    Now, it is clear the Aggies still have a lot to prove, but taking down Utah, 27-20, in overtime will go a long way toward what could be a nice season. 

    A road game against Wisconsin should be interesting on Saturday.