New College Football Uniforms 2012: Best and Worst Jerseys of Week 2

T.J. Mcaloon@@tjmcaloonContributorSeptember 9, 2012

New College Football Uniforms 2012: Best and Worst Jerseys of Week 2

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    With another week of college football in the books, it's time to take a look at who were the best and worst uniforms from Week 2. 

    Some teams opened their season with a new look on their jerseys, while some other teams decided to do small upgrades to their uniforms by adding in a different helmet design. 

    Then there is Oregon, who rolled out another victory over an undermatched opponent with another uniform combination. 

    However, left off of our uniform list is Maryland for a second straight week. What's wrong with the Terrapins that they've gone through two weeks and have yet to come out with something new? Maybe they're enjoying the 2-0 record with no new uniforms, as compared to last year's 1-1 start. 

    Here are your winners and losers from last week's on-field apparel. 

Worst: Virginia Tech's New Helmets

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    These helmets are a way for Va. Tech to remember their former nickname of "The Fighting Gobblers." If the Hokies wanted to remember where they came from, then they could have done it another way instead of putting two turkey feet onto their helmets.

    As for the colors, it does go with the rest of their uniforms. 

    However, the helmet should not have happened. Instead, they could have used the feet as a "Pride Sticker" whenever a player did something on or off the field like the Clemson Paw Print. 

Worst: Rutgers' Red-on-Red Chrome Helmet Look

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    Yikes, there is a ton of chrome on the helmets and red in the jersey-pant scheme. However, when your nickname is the Scarlet Knights, then I guess this would work for you. 

    This was Rutgers' second new-look for the year, as they wore the same helmet look with a white-on-white uniform. 

    Aside from what I've just complained about, the black neckline around the collar does nothing for the uniform. And their shoulder pads, what the heck is that? It looks like someone at Nike accidentally spilled something that was grey on their shoulders and they decided to go with it. 

    These uniforms can be summed up in one word: Yikes. 

Best: Iowa's 1921 Throwback Uniforms

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    Now this I'm all-in for, as Iowa went away from the 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers look and instead went back for the old-gold Notre Dame-looking threads for their in-state game against Iowa State. 

    The colors of black and old-gold mesh really well together with their solid gold helmets. My only complaint about the uniforms is the old-gold on the ribs of the jersey. 

    However, looking past that small misstep, these jerseys are very sweet. 

    Side note: The throwback jerseys did nothing for Iowa, as they lost 9-6. 

Best: Northwestern's Black Stripe Around the Chest

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    Northwestern nailed the jersey design this week in their home opener against Vanderbilt. Last year, they had the plain purple uniform, which was fine, but it could have used more. This year, however, they added in the black stripe around the chest and gave it that great look. 

    Plus, how can you hate the Wildcats helmet with the American flag background? 

    You can't, and it's why they had a great uniform in Week 2. 

Best: Oregon Ducks' Latest Uniform Combo

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    We got a glimpse of Oregon's chromed helmet with a duck wing on the sides. Now, let me clarify after I tore apart Rutgers' chromed helmet. Oregon's look is enhanced by the wing on the side, whereas Rutgers' helmet is just scuffed up. 

    So, in the match of who has the better helmets, Oregon wins. 

    Also, the wings on the shoulder pads are awesome, and the bright yellow jerseys are always a big hit. 

Worst: Texas A&M Stripes Down the Shoulders

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    Texas A&M had to do something new for their fresh start in the SEC. So, they did away with the solid maroon uniforms and brought in two white stripes down their shoulders. 

    My only question to the change is: What was wrong with the classic maroon look? 

    Adding the stripes on the shoulders looks awful on the Aggies jerseys. Plus, it looks like they went away from the glossy helmets and to a more bland look. 

    Those two additions to their new SEC uniforms make them one of the worst this week. 

Best: Utah State's New Home Uniforms

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    Finishing out the week is Utah State and their new uniform design, which looked awesome. Here's a photo from what their uniforms from last year looked like compared to this year's design. 

    As you can see, gone is the white arch that met the collar line. Instead, Utah State went for the solid navy blue look. Plus, the helmets no longer have "State" crammed into the "U." "State" is more emphasized in the helmet with it being in the middle of the "U."

    Plus, they debuted these new uniforms with a win against in-state rival Utah.