The Best Mascots in College Sports

Matt King@TheRealMattKingFeatured ColumnistSeptember 13, 2012

The Best Mascots in College Sports

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    Has there ever been somebody who doesn't like mascots? Probably not, because what's not to like about them?

    Mascots have evolved from just a guy in a big foam head to legit performers who dance, act, flip and even fly through the air. It's not an easy job.

    So it's always great to give the mascots the spotlight every once in a while. We're looking at some of the best in college sports today.

Maryland's Testudo the Terrapin

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    If you thought a turtle couldn't be a great mascot, think again, my friend.

    First of all, Testudo is a terrapin, which is totally different somehow. Second of all, what he may lack in breakneck speed, he more than makes up for with enthusiasm.

    And don't think it's easy dancing around with that shell on his back. Don't let the Ninja Turtles fool you; that's no joke.

Miami's Sebastian the Ibis

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    I don't know about you, but the face of Miami's mascot scares me. It's like, "Yeah, I'm a duck, but I ain't foolin' around. Na mean?"

    It's a perfectly fitting mascot for The U, which has prided itself on being a rough and tough team for decades.

    The ibis warns people of hurricanes. This one celebrates them.

Michigan State's Sparty the Spartan

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    My goodness, so many muscles. Sparty is so yolked that even his armor has a six-pack.

    Go ahead, make fun of that skirt that he wears. He dares you.

Rutgers' Scarlet Knight

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    Think Sparty the Spartan, but showing more leg. Oh sorry, that's armor. False alarm.

    Seriously, though, Scarlet is a lot like a boy named Sue. He's got a girl's name, but that only makes him tougher.

BYU's Cosmo the Cougar

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    I'm a sucker for a mascot that can breakdance.

    Cosmo may not be the most elaborate mascot out there, but he can fly with the rest of them. You should check out the sweet acrobatics he can do.

Texas Tech's Raider Red

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    Raider Red is definitely the only mascot on this list that's packin' heat. I think that counts for something.

    He comes in handy when Tech gets in one of its many college football shootouts.

Delaware's YoUDee

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    That's YoUDee with a capital "U" right in the middle of his name, folks. Anyone with three different capital letters in their first name lets me know that they are not messing around.

    And you want to talk about history? Just check out this bird's backstory, straight from his official website:

    YoUDee's great-great-great-grandfather, Col. George W. YoUDee, distinguished himself in the Revolutionary War and was cited for bravery in battle. Capt. John Caldwell, commenting after the Battle of Trenton, said, "There's no yellow streak in that chicken. He's blue to the bone." Col. YoUDee was given a gold medal of valor, so blue and yellow-gold now serve as YoUDee's official colors.

    I'm so inspired right now. Imagine how Delaware players feel.

Missouri's Truman the Tiger

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    Truman may be the most harmless-looking mascot I've ever seen.

    Unlike most mascots who have a permanent scowl on their face to let other teams know they mean business, Truman has the opposite of a frown. It's turned upside down to look almost like concern, like "Hey, is everybody OK? Have fun out there!"

    It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And as a bonus, Truman is fuzzy on the outside.

The Oregon Duck

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    This video should be all you need to know just how awesome the Oregon Duck is.

    But if not, this one should do it.

Colorado State's CAM the Ram

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    Don't mess with the ram unless you want to get the horns. I'm not sure that's how that saying goes, but it should be that way when dealing with Colorado State's mascot.

    His name stands for "Colorado Agricultural and Mechanical College," but you have to admit that CAM sounds a lot cooler. And it rhymes with ram! It's just too perfect. Great job all around everybody.

LSU's Mike the Tiger

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    I seriously love that LSU just named its mascot Mike. Does it have anything to do with tigers? No. It just sounds like a buddy of yours that goes to LSU.

    "Hey, is Mike going to be at the game?"

    "You better believe Mike is going to be there. He's the best. Remember that one time he took me to the airport?"

    Here's to you, Mike the Tiger.

Arizona's Wilma the Wildcat

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    We gotta get the ladies involved in this list. And who better than Wilma the Wildcat?

    Don't let that bow on her head fool you guys—this kitty's got claws. And an attitude and some major dance moves to go with them.

    Wilbur is a lucky man.

NC State's Ms. Wuf

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    Ms. Wuf is the mascot of NCSU's women's programs, but she's also married to Mr. Wuf, the men's mascot. The marriage was presided over by Wake Forest's Demon Deacon.

    I don't know about you, but a wolf married to another wolf by a demon deacon is not someone I have any interest in messing with.

South Carolina's Cocky

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    I pretty much love Cocky. The way his body is just so big and ill-fitting makes him seem even more lovable.

    And it's not like he's self-conscious about it. He's Cocky!

    You won't find many mascots who can out-dance this guy, either.

Wisconsin's Bucky

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    Did you know that Bucky's full name is Buckingham U. Badger? Isn't that awesome? I almost wish he would go by Buckingham all the time.

    But Bucky is more than just a name. He's a legend at Wisconsin and around the mascot scene. He even has his own dance.

Nevada's Wolfie Jr.

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    Let's let the younger brother have some fun for once.

    Wolfie Jr. has an older brother named Alphie, but he may be the alpha male of that tandem, having already won the Capital One National Mascot of the Year last year. Quite an honor for a guy without even a full number on his chest.

    He'll get the Wolf Pack fired up and Nevada fans ready to go.