Andre Smith: Who Will Replace His Big Shoes?

L.C. May@lcmay474Correspondent IJanuary 14, 2017

OK, thus far Andre Smith is doing horrible to make himself look good in the NFL Draft.

Well it's too late to come back now, so the question Alabama fans are wondering is who will replace him.

Right now—in my opinion—there are two top candidates for the job at offensive tackle.

The No. 1 candidate is James Carpenter. If you haven't heard about him, you will.

Carpenter is a junior college transfer, just like Terrence Cody is. He is extremely under estimated, just like Mount Cody was.

Do you want me to be honest?

I read Cody's bio before he came to Alabama, and I didn't think he would start. But boy was I wrong.

Carpenter is exchanging from Coffeyville, Kan. He is 6'5 and weighs 305 pounds.

Yes, that is 25 pounds less than Smith, but he benches 355 and squats 455—which is about the same as Smith.

I believe Carpenter—who has the most experience—is the best bet to take the starting position, even though the other candidate I am about to mention is just as good.

The other candidate, I feel has a good chance of starting is Foley High School's DJ Fluker.

The reason I feel he has a good chance to start, is because he is bigger and stronger than Carpenter.

Fluker weighs 350—45 more pounds than Carpenter—and he benches 375 and squats 525.

So if he steps up, he could get it hands down.

So who gets the job of offensive tackle?

I guess we will have to find out in the Georgia Dome against Virginia Tech.

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