Oklahoma State Player Alleged to Have Punched Woman in Face over Beer Pong

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 10, 2012

Photo Credit: Cherokee Phoenix
Photo Credit: Cherokee Phoenix

Christian Littlehead is alleged to have hit a woman in the face at a party. If that weren't bad enough, it was all because of a stupid beer pong game. 

Tulsa World (h/t Big Lead Sports) reports the Oklahoma State Cowboys defensive tackle has a warrant out for his arrest for misdemeanor assault and battery in Cherokee County.

The alleged crime happened back in early March at a Tahlequah-area birthday party when Littlehead apparently took to the beer pong table—a place where copious drinking and trash talking commences, but women are usually safe from being clocked in the face. 

That's when things allegedly turned ugly:

In a police report filed March 4, the alleged victim said that when she claimed Littlehead was cheating at beer pong, he hit her once in the face, causing her to fall and scrape her hand and knees. Others stepped in to separate them and Littlehead left the party, the report states.

If true, Littlehead better find something other than college football to occupy his time and be productive, because there should be no room for him on the final Cowboys roster. 

The 21-year-old will have his say, and we certainly hope these charges are unfounded, but we can't hide our disdain for what this means. 

While only listed as a backup who played four games and recorded 16 tackles last year, he is a big young man—listed 6'2" and 305—who could cause great harm to a similar-sized male, let alone a woman. 

That even misses the point, because there is never any reason to hit a woman, especially over something so trivial like a beer-pong game. 

Meatheads and jocks, let me holler at you for a second. Don't hit women...ever. I'm more than a little upset that this has to even be written. 

And this isn't even Littlehead's first run-in with the law. The report continues: 

In May, Littlehead was arrested on a complaint of public intoxication at a Tahlequah apartment complex.

In December, he was charged with misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia after campus police reported finding two smoking pipes in his residence, leading to his suspension from the Fiesta Bowl.

Again, Littlehead has not been convicted of this horrible act, but there was a troubling track record of him causing trouble. 

I have to think this hurts the big tackle's chances of playing with the proud OSU program or ever getting invited to a birthday party again. 

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