Is Tim Tebow the Next Great NFL QB?

Michael WebbContributor IFebruary 20, 2009

Tim Tebow is just a fullback playing quarterback. Tim Tebow will never play QB in college. The spread offense will never work in the SEC. Tim Tebow is just a runner. Sound familiar?

It may sound silly now, but people actually said this about Tim Tebow, who will leave Florida after his senior season as the best player in college football history, before his sophomore season.

What did he do? Not much, just won a Heisman, and then followed that up with a national title the next season. Do you hear those doubters talking anymore? Unfortunately, yes.

The common thought right now is Tim Tebow will never be a successful QB in the NFL, or he may never be a QB in the NFL, and might be a TE or FB instead. Oh please.

There are three things you want in a QB, and one of them is accuracy. Tebow has shown us the past two years that he has the accuracy. I mean going into his junior season, people said Matthew Stafford was more accurate than Tebow.

Tebow completed 67 percent of his passes in his sophomore season, while Stafford failed to complete 60 percent. Who's more accurate? I'll let you be the judge.

Another thing you look for is arm strength. No one has ever questioned Tebow's arm strength so we'll go on to the third thing, leadership.

No QB has ever possessed the type of leadership Tebow has. From the speech after the emotional loss to Ole Miss, to the win over UGA, to willing his team to victory without Percy Harvin against Alabama, or winning the national championship in the fourth quarter, including that amazing drive to seal things up against Oklahoma, Tebow has been an outstanding leader.

Oh yeah, you won't have to worry about Tebow getting in trouble off the field, either. He's probably the most spiritual football player ever. So no worries about that.

Now I'm not stupid, I know there are a lot more things that Tebow has to perfect to be a NFL QB. But Tebow had to go through the same thing to become what he is today.

No one in football works as hard as he does or is as determined as he is. If someone can convince me that he won't be able to perfect taking snaps from under center, I'll give you major props.

There is no way Tebow cannot master that. And for people that say Tebow can't run a pro offense? Come on.

He's the best leader I've ever seen. Now I'm not saying that he'll be a great NFL QB from the day he's drafted, but if he can go to a place, such as Jacksonville, where he can learn behind a good QB under David Garrard for a couple of years, and be used in the wildcat while he's perfecting all of his flaws, someone please explain to me how he can't be successful.

Tim Tebow will be a NFL bust. Tim Tebow will be over hyped. Tim Tebow will be nothing more than a TE or a FB. Tim Tebow won't be able to run in the NFL. Ah, haven't we been through this already?